New Jersey Apprenticeship Program: NJMEP on MFG Talk Radio

New Jersey Apprenticeship Program: NJMEP on MFG Talk Radio

Patricia Moran was live on Manufacturing Talk Radio, discussing New Jersey apprenticeships and how manufacturers can gain. Patricia explains the NJMEP apprenticeship program and how it can help NJ businesses as they continue struggling to find qualified workers.

NJMEP jumpstarted the Pro-Action Education Network™ and part of that program is focused on apprenticeships for people currently employed with a company. Many manufacturers in the Garden State don’t know where to turn when exploring the idea of apprentices. Others may not see the value an apprentice can offer a business. In this episode, Patricia discusses NJMEPs mission and provides a closer look at the new apprenticeship program to showcase how the students and manufacturers both gain.

It is no secret manufacturers are struggling to find qualified employees to fill open positions. Having access to the right talent pool and cultivating the right skills from within an organization is vital.

New Jersey Apprenticeship Programs – How to Launch Yours

NJMEP is recognized by the New Jersey Department of Labor and the United States Department of Labor as a Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor. NJMEP’s Registered Apprenticeships and industry apprenticeships have a key difference.  A Registered Apprenticeship is recognized nationally whereas an industry apprenticeship is not. Registered Apprenticeships combine On-the-Job learning, classroom training, and education as well as walking these individuals through the steps and testing required in order to obtain MSSC Credentials. NJMEP developed a way to streamline the apprenticeship process and offer New Jersey manufacturers the resource they need to begin up-skilling their workforce and finding new employees.

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The Pro-Action Education Network™ includes 5 main sections; Pre-apprenticeship & Foundational Credentials; Open Enrollment ‘Career Advancement’ Training; On-the-Job Training; Apprenticeships; and Train the Mentor. Each of these focuses on a different area of workforce development, from before a student even graduates from high school all the way up to the seasoned manufacturing professional looking for new ways to become a better mentor. In the podcast embedded above, Patricia focuses in on the Registered Apprenticeship program, but more information on the unique opportunities offered through the Pro-Action Education Network™ can be found, here.

When considering apprenticeships for any manufacturing business, understanding the commitment that is required will be key. Take the opportunity to explore apprenticeships and see what kind of curriculum is covered during the year to a year and a half program. For any questions, please visit the Pro-Action Education Network™ page and fill out the contact form.

For more information on The NJMEP Registered Apprenticeship program, visit the Registered Apprenticeship Page.

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