New Jersey Workforce Development Program for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and STEM Firms

NJMEP Pro-Action Education Network™

NJMEP developed a statewide, scalable platform to address the workforce challenges facing manufacturing, supply chain companies, and STEM Firms across New Jersey. 

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The Pro-Action Education Network is made up of five unique programs, each designed to tackle specific areas of the Skills Gap. Programs include…

  • Pre-Apprenticeship & Foundational Credentials – MSSC, SME/ToolingU – NJMEP helps manufacturers find and assess potential new hires to help on-board employees in the shortest period of time that would normally require additional training. This program is suitable for both incumbents and new hires. 
  • Open Enrollment ‘Career Advancement’ Training – NJMEP provides in-class, hands-on training to incumbents to upskill the workforce. Employees can obtain industry-recognized credentials and industry knowledge that directly apply to their job or their next position within an organization. 
  • Assessment & On-the-Job Training (OJT) – NJMEP delivers assessments to help businesses select the best candidate for the job. Additionally, the option is available for employers to receive additional support if they require assistance to plan On-the-Job training for new hires. 
  • Apprenticeships – The ultimate option to build a team ready for the next levels of employment. Combining Foundational Learning with OJT and Community College, Apprenticeships are key to building an organization ready for the future. 
  • Train-the-Mentor – Taking an organization’s leadership team to the next level. Designed to support and assist senior-level employees expand on the skills and techniques necessary to continue passing down legacy knowledge while becoming stronger mentors.

Manufacturers, STEM Firms, and Supply Chain companies have all expressed that their biggest challenge is finding qualified workers to join their ranks. Along with finding new talent, upskilling the current workforce is time-consuming and difficult to manage. These concerns are not isolated to New Jersey. This is a challenge facing industrial sectors nationwide and around the globe. However, New Jersey companies do have a way to get them one step ahead of the global competition. Manufacturers, Supply Chain companies, as well as STEM firms can turn to the NJMEP Pro-Action Education Network™ with their workforce development needs in order to find solutions. 

NJMEP collaborates with Community Partners, CTE schools, Vocational/Technical Schools, Community Colleges, and over 25 Career Centers to pool resources and expertise to create multiple career pathways and training opportunities for students, dislocated workers, as well as current employees. These pathways include providing underskilled individuals with access to training and the credentials they need to make them a prime candidate for businesses in a variety of industrial sectors; A pipeline of new talent is being developed where individuals are assessed to determine their competency and ability to contribute to an organization; And additional industry-relevant education and training that applies directly to an employees day to day work. Employers have the option to take part in the Pro-Action Education Network™ by either sponsoring a current employee to enroll in multiple career advancement training options or use the NJMEP Pro-Action Education Network™ to locate and source new hires. 

Now is the ideal time to inquire about the individual programs within the Pro-Action Education Network™. After February 2020, select funding support will no longer be available. 

Register for the NJMEP Apprenticeship program before February 2020 and take advantage of the benefits listed below:

  • Related Technical Instruction (RTI) requires no employer investment
  • Participants will be able to immediately apply the classroom instruction to the workplace as employers are having quicker ROI than what was originally expected
  • Quicker turnaround means employers will increase productivity and close the skills gap in a shorter amount of time
  • Receive fully assessed candidates for employment and use them to assist with succession planning

The Skills Gap continues to hold manufacturing, supply chain, and STEM sectors back from meeting its true potential. Without having access to the talent these businesses require to produce their products or provide their services, they will continue to lose market share to global competition. It’s time to act in order to build a bridge that allows New Jersey manufacturers to thrive this year, the next, and well into the future. 

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