Hosted at Jersey Girl Brewing Co by NJMEP, The Event Brought Together Government, Industry, and Partners to Build a Stronger Defense Supply Chain 


Defense manufacturers and Veterans are joining forces through the New Jersey Defense Manufacturing Community Consortium (NJDMCC) to combat veteran unemployment and strengthen the DoD supply chain. Through this program, manufacturers can learn about fast-tracking opportunities for becoming a DoD supplier, how to expand current government contracts if they’re already a supplier, and how to access highly skilled Veteran applicants who’ve received nationally recognized certifications. 

Manufacturers part of the NJDMCC can enroll their veterans employees or veteran family members in certification programs aimed at enriching their professional journey at no cost. The NJDMCC is dedicated to fostering veteran careers in manufacturing. The community also facilitates direct access to career opportunities available at member NJDMCC companies, promoting a seamless transition into fulfilling and meaningful employment for New Jersey Veterans and their families. 

Together, we’re helping to build a more robust defense manufacturing supply chain. 


Manufacturers looking to acquire or expand DOD Contracts need to get involved with the NJDMCC, and that’s exactly the message that was shared at the very first NJDMCC Networking event on February 1st, which took place at Mt. Olive’s Jersey Girl Brewing Company. Attendees included existing NJDMCC companies, program participants, and prospective manufacturers, all looking to expand their engagement within the defense manufacturing supply chain and connect with veterans who are looking to begin their careers in the industry. 

NJDMCC partners include: 

  • Picatinny Arsenal Joint Center for Excellence for Guns and Ammunition 
  • Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst 
  • County College of Morris (CCM) 
  • The African American Chamber of Commerce of NJ (AACCNJ) 
  • NJ State Veterans Chambers of Commerce 
  • Bridging the Gap 
  • The Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of NJ (SHCCNJ) 
  • US Manufacturing Institutes 
  • The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI – The Composites Institute) 
  • ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Institute 
  • National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) 

About a hundred local New Jersey manufacturers, industry partners, and program participants were in attendance, along with the NJMEP team and DoD entities. All these attendees came together to talk about fast-tracking defense contract opportunities, supply chain resilience, and employment challenges. This event was an opportunity for NJDMCC manufacturers to explore the resources made available to them and learn more about the training and certification programs that is provided to veterans and their family members at absolutely no cost, all offered through the consortium. Attendees enjoyed good food, cold beer, and stimulating conversations. 

Lance P. Lopez, Sr., NJDMCC Project Manager, Veterans & Community Recruitment at NJMEP, helped develop and create the NJDMCC Networking Event in hopes that it would provide an open forum for manufacturers to learn about the resources available to them in the NJDMCC, network with each other, and connect with DoD entities. “The NJDMCC is instrumental in fostering collaboration among New Jersey manufacturers, supporting the defense industry, providing career opportunities for veterans, and enhancing cybersecurity measures to protect critical manufacturing operations,” says Lance. “This consortium serves as a vital link in strengthening the DoD supply chain and promoting economic growth and innovation in the region.” 


For manufacturers, this program provides access to highly qualified job candidates while also helping New Jersey’s unemployed Veterans. The NJDMCC is instrumental in job development and creation by providing valuable resources and opportunities for veterans and their families, as well as supporting local manufacturers in expanding government contracts and becoming DoD suppliers. 

Access to Talent Pool 

By joining the NJDMCC, manufacturers gain access to a pool of talented job seekers who are either veterans or are related to veterans. This access to a diverse talent pool enables manufacturers to recruit skilled individuals who can contribute to job development and creation within their organizations. 

Recruitment Support 

NJMEP’s expansive network and recruitment expertise help manufacturers identify, source, and recruit top talent. By leveraging various recruitment methods and resources, including community events like the NJDMCC networking event, career fairs, job boards, and partnerships with educational institutions, NJ manufacturers have access to partners that makes finding skilled individuals to add to their organization easier. 

The NJDMCC’s focus on career support, training, access to talent, workforce development, and recruitment contributes significantly to job development and creation within the manufacturing community in New Jersey. 


One of the key elements of the NJDMCC Networking Event was to provide existing and prospective consortium members with the opportunity to learn more about how the program can benefit their business. Representatives from the Picatinny Arsenal were on-site to answer questions about how the process works and how new manufacturers can expand their operations by getting involved with the NJDMCC. 

“[This event] serves to shed light on the significant opportunity for manufacturers to expand their DoD contracts through the NJDMCC. This consortium offers manufacturers a gateway to unlocking new business prospects and enhancing growth within the defense manufacturing sector,” said Torsten Schimanski, Chief Strategy Officer at NJMEP. 


“Joining this consortium not only benefits individual companies but also strengthens the manufacturing ecosystem in New Jersey,” says Peter Connolly, CEO of NJMEP. “All manufacturers should consider the immense value of being part of the NJDMCC and the positive impact it can have on their businesses and the broader community,” he adds. 

Join the NJDMCC today and discover a pathway to efficient and effective entry into DoD supplier status. For current DoD suppliers, this is an opportunity to broaden and expand your government contracts. By becoming a member of the NJDMCC, manufacturers also gain access to a valuable talent pool of job seekers, primarily consisting of veterans and their families, all who’ve received industry-relevant training and certification through NJMEP and its partners, ensuring they’re equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the advanced manufacturing sector. Join us in supporting our nation’s veterans by contributing to a stronger, more resilient DoD supply chain right here in New Jersey!

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