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NJMEP Completes $250,000 Pledge In Support To NJ’s Manufacturers Through Year Of Advocacy Program

In May of 2014, NJMEP officially launched the “Year of Advocacy” program at our Open House.  The core tenet of this program was our pledge to “give back” $250,000 in value to New Jersey’s manufacturers, and as of today, we have surpassed that goal!  Currently, the total worth stands at $269,513.

The original need for our “Year of Advocacy” came from the realization that manufacturing needs to be acknowledged more in New Jersey’s long list of accomplishments.  Our Garden State contains over 9,100 different manufacturing establishments, ranging from small, family owned businesses to sprawling conglomerates.  Through manufacturing, NJ employs over 247,000 workers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics.

Manufacturing has a ripple effect.  For every manufacturing job, four more are created in our economy.  As a result of this, manufacturing is one of the largest contributors to NJ’s economy.

Since our announcement, NJMEP has been working with allies, associates and partners to produce a variety of new programs and offerings for NJ manufacturers, all of which are all freely available.  These programs include Experience Manufacturing, which was designed to better bridge the gap between young adults and the field of manufacturing.  NJMEP has assembled an ever-growing list of temporary and permanent positions at NJ manufacturing businesses to entice any recent graduates into beginning a manufacturing career.

Additionally, NJMEP has been providing complimentary training days, workshops and webinars on a wide range of topics vital to manufacturers, such as Lean processes and ISO certifications.  For any NJ manufacturers in need, NJMEP has also been offering assessments in process and facility fields for free.

Furthermore, the “Year of Advocacy” program created an Advocacy Banner for any attendees at the Open House to sign to vow to encourage more manufacturing awareness.  We were able amass over 2,500 signatures, eventually needing to create a second banner to contain all the names.

We at the NJMEP would also like to give a special thanks to others like NIST-MEP, NJ-DOL, NJIT, Rutgers, NJBIA, NJBIZ, The Star Ledger, and so many others that came through in regards to the “Year of Advocacy” program, as well as at our “extremely active” Manufacturing Day event on October 3rd, 2014.

Let’s work together to spread awareness about New Jersey manufacturing! You can check out some of the diverse range of products manufactured in the Garden State by checking out our Made in New Jersey program.

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