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Advanced Manufacturing Pre-Screen Testing

Creating a talent pipeline for New Jersey manufacturers has been a primary goal for NJMEP over the past few years. The introduction of the Growing Apprenticeship in Nontraditional Sectors (GAINS) grant allowed NJMEP to take these efforts to an entirely new level. A new push to pre-screen interested manufacturing applicants is giving New Jersey manufacturers access to a knowledgeable group of potential new hires.

Advanced Manufacturing Pre-Screen Testing allows recent graduates, underemployed, or dislocated workers to start driving their careers forward. Manufacturers benefit because they can feel confident the applicants that pass the Advanced Manufacturing Pre-Screen Testing process have the fundamental skills needed to begin contributing to an operation. NJMEP is working to create a talent pool of qualified candidates that employers can hire and keep their facilities fully staffed.

Pre-Screen Qualification and Assessment

Participant’s going through the Pre-Screen Testing process are assessed using the Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test. Alongside mechanical aptitude testing, individuals receive exams focused on basic math. Reading comprehension is included in the Pre-Screen Testing process as well. The Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test is designed to assess logical reasoning, thinking, and basic mechanical understanding. Including the basic math assessment allows for manufacturers to gauge a person’s ability to understand the critical mathematical aspects associated with a manufacturing career. Communication, written and verbal is a valued asset in a manufacturing operation. To ensure pre-screened candidates have the most to offer New Jersey manufacturers all three of these tests are included in NJMEP’s Pre-Screen Testing process.

The skills gap has been a looming problem facing manufacturers across the nation. New Jersey is in a prime position to make impressive strides forward in strengthening the manufacturing talent pool. A highly populated state with industrial roots and an educated workforce actively seeking employment is creating the perfect storm of new, competent, and skilled manufacturing workers. Still, manufacturers are struggling to find the right hires for their job openings. With the current workforce nearing retirement, New Jersey businesses need assistance finding the right individuals to meet their needs. By pre-screening individuals, NJMEP helps manufacturers reduce the time it takes to find qualified job-seekers.

Time to Rebuild

Rebuilding the manufacturing workforce starts with finding qualified candidates for current job openings. However, the work doesn’t end there. Upskilling these qualified candidates throughout their career can increase loyalty to their employer as well as providing them the necessary education to contribute even more to their place of business. NJMEP’s Pre-Screen Testing process can be followed by NJMEP’s USDOL Registered Apprenticeship Program.

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