NJMEP in 2020 – A Look Ahead

2020 will bring along new and exciting challenges to the states manufacturers. Don’t fall behind. Stay up to date with what NJMEP will offer these businesses this year to help keep manufacturers thriving in New Jersey. NJMEP is going to be providing a wide range of the latest workshops and programs from Six Sigma training to the Registered Apprenticeship program. Below is a quick look at just some of the opportunities available to New Jersey manufacturers.

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Business Growth Suite

Manufacturers must continually innovate, develop new products, explore new marketing avenues, adopt new business strategies, and proactively respond to shifts within their industry – to retain current customers, increase revenues, and expand into new markets.

NJMEP’s Business Growth Suite of services (BGS) is a comprehensive catalog of various programs delivered by many of our key subject-matter resources; each with intimate familiarity with the nuances of the manufacturing and supply-chain industries.


Implementing lean principles is extremely  beneficial  for manufacturing companies. The elimination of  waste (muda), continuous improvement (kaizen) as  well as pull-systems (kanban) will be illustrated in live demonstrations for practical, compressible knowledge of Lean Manufacturing. Lean manufacturing training is based on principles that can be implemented and will become the strong foundation of an organization and their employees.


A disciplined, time-tested mythology that uses data analysis to understand process variability and identify process improvement opportunities. Attending Introduction to  Six  Sigma  provides  the  opportunity  to learn the basics of Six Sigma Project Management, become knowledgeable about the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) road map to success, understand statistical process control charts (SPC), and learn how to improve customer satisfaction and profitability by reducing and eliminating defects.


INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING PRODUCTION TECHNICIAN The Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician Registered Apprenticeship program for Food focuses on production staff in the food and beverage manufacturing and related industries. Potential participants are incumbent workers with or without experience, formal education or new hires (High School graduates, veterans, the unemployed, workers without industry- relevant experience.) After graduation from the program and with additional classes and certifications, they would eventually make a prime candidate for supervising and managing roles.

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ONLINE TRAINING FOR FOOD AND BEVERAGE MANUFACTURERS NJMEP is offering an online self-paced food safety training program. The training program is available nationwide. The online courses offer supplementary education to anyone in the food and beverage industry. Save time by signing up for an online course and begin benefiting from expert instruction and relevant course materials, all available through the online portal! With this affordable, flexible offering, food and beverage manufacturers will be better equipped to tackle the numerous regulations, ensure public health, and safety.


As we advance into the new year, so do the times we live in. Every day there are advances in technology making it difficult for manufacturing businesses to keep up. Don’t fall behind on cybersecurity in 2020 or a manufacturing business will. These two workshops are just a portion of what NJMEP is going to be focusing on in the new year.


All Department of Defense (DoD) contractors and subcontractors must meet the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) minimum security standards based on the security guidance in NIST Special Publication 800-171 or risk losing their DoD contracts. Come join us as we provide valuable assistance to manufacturers seeking assistance and guidance on implementing these standards and mitigating the risk of being un-secure and possibly outside DFARS compliance.


All Department of Defense contractors that process, store or transmit Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) must have met the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement minimum security standards or risk losing their DoD contracts. DFARS Safeguarding rules and clauses, for the basic safeguarding of contractor information systems that process, store or transmit Federal contract information.

Workforce Development

Every organization has a unique culture,  processes,  and challenges. When it comes to workforce needs, NJMEP always begins with a complimentary business assessment to determine a customized journey to success. Recommendations are made to improve a business and additionally determine if there are any applicable financing, loans, or grants available to help fund the cost of improvement initiatives. This includes assisting with the funding application process for loans or grant applications when applicable.

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The Pro-Action Education Network offers  opportunities for companies that are  having  problems  finding  qualified individuals to close the skills gap within their organization. Given the “multifaceted nature of skill gap,” there are an equally diverse set of solutions and as a result, NJMEP is offering to address it.

Human Resources

In 2020, NJMEP is going to hold an Open Enrollment program on every first Tuesday of the month covering Human resource-related issues and concerns. There will be a various number of topics that will be covered throughout the year, from Money Saving Secrets to Reducing Workers Compensation Cost and Interviewing Skills for Hiring. NJMEP’s training processes and methodologies are designed to specifically meet the needs of manufacturers.


Did you attend Manufacturing Day 2019? 

National Manufacturing Day has always been an important way for NJMEP to spread the word about the benefits that manufacturing provides to our Garden State. As a proud supporter of National Manufacturing Day, NJMEP is excited to drive awareness about the available career opportunities and the advanced technologies that are propelling the industry forward. 

With Manufacturing Day 2019 being a massive success NJMEP is already looking forward to MFG Day 2020. Registration is open now. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please act fast as sponsorship spots fill up quickly. If you are looking for more information about sponsorship or registration, please email


In March NJMEP will be hosting its annual State-of-the-State Manufacturing Event. This event is exclusively for Manufacturing professionals, STEM Firm executives, and NJ elected officials to network and discuss the opportunities and challenges within the industry. You will have the opportunity to listen to industry experts discuss best business practices that will help you gain and maintain a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing global economy.

Jersey Guys Golf Outing

Come join us in 2020 for our annual Jersey Guys FORE!!! Golf Outing. NJMEP is always excited to give back to the community, and it should come as no surprise that the Jersey Guys Golf Outing is one of our favorite ways to do it. Combining our love for fresh air and fairway with lasting community outreach. We always look to top the success of all prior years. Partnering with the Team Eagle Foundation, NJMEP hopes to raise more money through updated rewards and prizes!

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