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Operation Outreach: The Importance of Connecting with Legislators

It’s estimated that tourism brings over $37.3 billion of revenue for the state of New Jersey. Stories about tourism are often covered in the media and legislators support tourism. This is great – we want all segments of New Jersey’s business community to thrive and prosper.

But by comparison, manufacturing output is a $46 billion industry employing 247,000+ in New Jersey. Together, manufacturing and STEM-support businesses comprise 11,000+ firms employing 400,000+ in the Garden State.

However, we unfortunately don’t see frequent stories in the media about New Jersey’s manufacturers, and many of our elected government representatives are still unaware of the significant economic benefits that manufacturing has on our economy.

The Goal of Operation Outreach

This year, NJMEP launched “Operation Outreach” to increase legislator awareness on the importance of manufacturing to our state. Developing a positive relationship with government is key to ensuring that we can focus on improving manufacturing success.

With more than 11,000 manufacturing and STEM-related business in the Garden State, NJMEP’s goal is make connections with legislators to force positive recognition. Working together will drive an increase in jobs and in status that will be difficult for others to match.

NJMEP has developed letters that manufacturers can use to personalize and reach out to and connect with their local and state representatives. If you’re interested in receiving a copy, connect with your NJMEP Account Manager or call 973-998-9801.

Sign our Petition

As part of the campaign, NJMEP has developed a petition as a quick and easy way for manufacturing and STEM-support companies to urge legislators who play role in grants, labor available, and government regulations to support our community.

The petition addresses several critical topics including:

  1. Workforce Development
  2. Industry Marketing
  3. Taxation & Fees
  4. DEP & Permitting
  5. Choose-NJ and EDA Programs

Please take a couple of minutes to read and sign our petition. Together, can make a difference and educate legislators on the importance of manufacturing and STEM!


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