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Prepare Ahead For Crises: Learn Through A Complimentary Webinar

As we learned from Hurricane Sandy, a crisis can significantly interrupt your business. In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, NJMEP surveyed manufacturers in New Jersey and found that 22% had suffered severe damage, or lost more than two weeks of production. Nearly 100% of respondents had lost between one and five days of production.

Could your business survive if another “Hurricane Sandy” came our way? What would happen if another disaster or crisis occurred?

In an earlier blog entry, we discussed the importance of business continuity planning. Business continuity planning outlines the plan of action a business takes when events occur that threaten business operations. The business continuity plan pro-actively defines actions that will lessen the impact of crises or disasters. It also provides everyone with an organized path forward when operations are interrupted.

If you’re a New Jersey manufacturer, it’s critical to figure out how to keep the business running in the face of a disaster or unexpected event. NJMEP is partnering with Firestorm to host a monthly CRISIS COACH webinar series. The webinars are complimentary to NJ manufacturers and NJMEP affiliates.

The first complimentary webinar, Common Failures in a Disaster or Crisis, will be held this Tuesday, September 10th from 11:00am – 12:00pm. The webinar will explore issues such as everyday vulnerabilities that threaten businesses, how to communicate with clients in a crisis and the importance of regularly updating a disaster plan.

See if your business is falling victim to these common failures by asking yourself:

  • Can you continue operating if your supply chain goes down?
  • Are your employees prepared for a disaster at work – and home?
  • What everyday vulnerabilities threaten your business?
  • Do you update your disaster plans regularly?
  • Do you know what and how to communicate with clients in a crisis?

After the kick-off webinar on Tuesday, webinars will be held monthly and future scheduled topics include Business Continuity Self Assessment and Supply Chain Risk Management.

While we are optimistic for the future, it’s imperative to prepare for any possible disasters that may negatively impact our business operations.

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