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Puratos Corporation Facility Tour and Celebration

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, the New Jersey business community and representatives from local and state government came out in support of a local New Jersey manufacturer, Puratos USA. This food manufacturer is celebrating two massively impressive achievements. The first is the addition of a brand-new production line. Second, NJMEP presented Puratos with the “Made in New Jersey” award which commemorates the company’s incredible contributions to the New Jersey economy and their local community. 

NJMEP worked together with Puratos Corp. to create a celebration worthy of these accomplishments. The day consisted of a meet and greet with Puratos Corp. CEO, Daniel Malcorps; Paul Bakus, Puratos President – North America; and its Board Members. A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in front of the new Puratos production line and all those in attendance were given a tour of the immense production facility. 

Media coverage was handled by ROI-NJ and NJBIZ. Representatives from NJEDA, NJBIA, and NJBAC came out in support of Puratos. Alison DeJoseph, Project Manager from nearby Rowan College of Burlington County (RCBC) brought the higher education presence to the eclectic group of individuals invited to the celebration. Pennsauken Mayor, Betsy McBride and multiple representatives from the township of Pennsauken attended to congratulate this manufacturer that has given so much back to their local community. Senior VP of the Chamber of Commerce South Jersey, Christina M. Renna joined the group. Finally, Senator Linda Greenstein, Chair of the Legislative Manufacturing Caucus as well as Senator Thompson, Member of the Legislative Manufacturing Caucus had the opportunity to step inside one of the manufacturers that helps New Jersey thrive as an economic powerhouse.

Welcome to the Puratos USA New Jersey Facility

Nihal Raval, Puratos USA Site Director explained the safety requirements and shared an overview of what everyone would be seeing throughout the tour. Next, Puratos CEO, Daniel Malcorps addressed the packed conference room. He shared his passion for Puratos products and the company’s mission with the influencers in the room. Malcorps described why the Pennsauken site is particularly important to the multi-national Puratos Corp and explained that a goal of Puratos was to keep the company family-owned well into 2020 and beyond. Moving off the ‘now’ and explaining where Puratos wants to go was fascinating. 

Puratos wants to be better so its employees continue to feel a sense of pride while working for the New Jersey manufacturer. They want to have a positive social impact, going above their already powerful social contributions like helping  Ivory Coast chocolate farmers double their income. Becoming CO2 and water balanced by 2030 is also a primary goal of the company. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the food manufacturing space is what Puratos does best. Working with NASA and the European Space Agency, Puratos is helping to research and develop food that will be eaten or grown on the Mission to Mars. This innovative thinking and push to research low energy food / sustainable food production will not only benefit astronauts traveling through space but can be implemented here on Earth to create a more environmentally friendly process.

Lastly, the day finished up with a tour of Puratos’ massive production facility located in Pennsauken, NJ. The facility produces a wide assortment of different pastry ingredients. The tour showcased the production and processing of the raw ingredients, quality control, and the command center that oversees the entire operation.

NJMEP and all those that attended were thrilled to have had the opportunity to honor this business. The ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the official opening of the brand-new production line. Following the ribbon-cutting, NJMEP was able to present the exceptional manufacturer with the ‘Made in New Jersey’ award. The entire day was filled with optimism and New Jersey pride. Puratos was ecstatic to share their success with all those that visited the facility. New Jersey has a substantial manufacturing presence and it’s critical these businesses’ contributions and successes are showcased. 

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