STEAM Education Supporting Modern Manufacturing by HamiltonBuhl

Manufacturing continues to expand, calling for more qualified individuals with entirely new skill sets. The industry relies on individuals comfortable with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math often referred to as STEAM. It has been a challenge for manufacturers to find the right people, with the necessary skills, that will allow them to hit the ground running in a modern manufacturing environment. Without taking the steps now to address the shortcomings in STEAM education, manufacturers will continue to struggle as they continue their search for qualified professionals.

Why STEAM Education Matters in Manufacturing

The manufacturing enterprise requires an understanding of the fundamentals of STEAM. Every aspect of these subjects is put into action throughout the modern manufacturing landscape. Robotics require programming and maintenance; CRM and control systems call for a technology literate workforce and developing innovative products or components depend on science, engineering, art, and math. It seems as though each day, there is a new technology or innovative process making its way to the manufacturing industry. Without a workforce that can embrace these innovations, there’s little hope of the industry progressing at this current, extraordinary pace.

STEAM subjects and the skills they teach can be found all throughout any manufacturing facility. Without a talent pool with the right capabilities, the industry wouldn’t be where it is today. Innovation, creativity, and the drive to continue becoming more efficient and advanced has brought the industry into the modern age. When walking through a modern facility, it quickly becomes clear that these organizations are embracing all the benefits STEAM education can bring to any enterprise. No longer are facilities dark, dangerous, and dirty.

Manufacturers, Schools, and Education

Manufacturers are actively seeking innovators and individuals, with the right skills, to add value to their high-tech organizations. Building relationships with schools and educational product manufacturers will be vital in order to have a robust talent pool to choose from in the future.

Business leaders in manufacturing have made great strides to portray their industry in a new light by explaining to the public how far they have come. This has had a dramatic impact on the public’s perception of this critical industry. Interest has increased, but without training, education, and the skills they’ll need to contribute, it doesn’t help these employee-seeking manufacturers. The next step must be to speak with schools, parents, and educators to showcase the skills that are needed in these modern facilities to help shape the future of education.

Once schools know which skills are needed in the current job market, educators can go out and source the necessary STEAM education technology to ensure students are properly prepared for the future.  Manufacturers like HamiltonBuhl® are designing and developing relevant STEAM products for the education industry that help align curriculum with the current skills needed in today’s job market.  Robotics, programming, engineering, the fundamentals of 3D printing, along with countless other skills will be developed by utilizing the variety of HamiltonBuhl® STEAM products. Manufacturers that partner with schools, educational clubs, and organizations must be aware that there are other manufacturers out there designing and distributing products that are developed to help close the ever-growing skills gap.

As manufacturers move forward and the industry becomes more advanced, STEAM skills and education will continue to play a larger role throughout every aspect of the modern manufacturing industry.

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