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Supply Chain Talent Shortage

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By Tony Goralski, Guest Blogger

I was having dinner with my wife at a restaurant when I overheard our server talking to the next table. He graduated from college last spring and still had not landed a full-time job. I thought to myself, “Well, he did not get a degree from Rutgers University Business School in Supply Chain. If he had, he would have landed a job probably before graduation.”

As Director of Business Development of Supply Chain for North America for Kuehne+ Nagel Inc., one of the largest Logistics Service Providers in the world, I work with our industry clients streamlining their supply chain. I have heard complaints from Vice Presidents of Compliance or Logistics or International Business Procurement that they cannot get people hired that are well-versed in supply chain. When I hear these remarks, I think to myself, “Umm, they have not checked out Rutgers University Business School Supply Chain department. If they had, they would certainly have interns or full time employees quickly.”

This is a conundrum and the industry and media are well aware of this situation. Here are couple confirmations:

Supply Chain Insights:  The average company has four positions open for five months, with 15% supply chain employee turnover. The talent shortage is greatest for middle-management positions.

Supply Chain 24/7In the rush for talent, a storm may be brewing that will contract the pool for supply chain talent.

Along the entire length of the supply chain there grows a common threat: a severe shortage of talent. A shortage that couldn’t be any more poorly timed. Globalization, market uncertainty, shifting demographic patterns, and the emergence of supply chain as a strategic business function are some of the factors that are driving the demand and the subsequent skills shortfall.

What is a student to do? Take a look at Supply Chain as a curriculum of study to get a career, specifically at Rutgers University. Attendance here is almost doubling every year. Again, there is a reason for the growth. The students with a supply chain degree land their Dream Jobs.  Job placement at Rutgers Business School Supply Chain department is virtually a 100% placement!

What is industry to do?  Come to the flagship event at the Rutgers University Business School Meet and Greet Supply Chain Career Fair. In a few short hours of your time invested, you will walk away with students that are readily employable for internships or full time employment. This year, the event is 9-17-14.


What type of company can benefit from coming to the Rutgers Meet and Greet Supply Chain career fair? Rutgers is collaborating with NJMEP. Local is good, and there is nothing like homegrown talent right here in New Jersey!

A number of NJMEP companies have signed up already. There is a reason that they look at this event as a platform to help complete their supply chain. The reason: it is worth their investment of time and effort. The talent they receive at Rutgers will take their companies into the future!

There is a Supply Chain talent shortage, yes indeed, but for New Jersey corporations that attend the Meet and Greet Supply Chain Career Fair, their link is not broken. They have partnered with Rutgers University!

To register for the Rutgers Meet and Greet Supply Chain Career Fair, click here. If you are a business looking for Supply Chain talent, contact Tony Goralski, Undergraduate Advisor President for Rutgers University Supply Chain and President of the Meet and Greet Supply Chain Career Fair by e-mailing

Tony Goralski is an alumnus at Rutgers University New Brunswick NJ class ‘77

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