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A minute of your time can help secure $250 million to drive the growth of NJ’s Life Biopharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Manufacturing industry through the creation of a “Life Science Center of Excellence.”

About NNMI

The “Life Science Center of Excellence” is part of a federally funded U.S. Manufacturing Program called National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI). As you may or may not already know, NNMI strengthens the innovation capabilities of U.S. production facilities, which are essential for success in a highly competitive global manufacturing economy. It builds on national strengths in research and education and fosters collaboration that will help to solve problems and seize opportunities of value to a wide range of manufacturers of all sizes

Through the initiative, Manufacturing Innovation Institutes are created to strengthen the capabilities of U.S. manufacturers through research, education and partnerships. The goal is for the Government to assist in creating 15+ of these in various Manufacturing Sectors – including the most recent release –targeting Biopharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Manufacturing Innovation

New Jersey’s Coalition

In response to this effort and to meet the opportunity to secure this “Life Sciences Center of Excellence,” New Jersey has put together a Public/Private Partnership (including Rutgers, NJIT, NJII, Princeton, and NJMEP) to secure this program and the $70 million in Federal investment it enables over the next 5-years, along with the additional financial support required from the State.

This will amount to an anticipated $250 million in total investment to drive the growth of NJ’s Life Sciences Manufacturing industry

We want to be able to support and enable growth and development of vital life sciences technologies and processes including:

  1. Engineering, Manufacturing & Commercialization
  2. Enabling supply chain synergies between larger firms and small/medium sized enterprises (SME’s)
  3. Workforce Development on all levels

Sign the Petition


We have posted an online petition so that you can quickly and easily add your name as a sign of support from New Jersey’s manufacturing and STEM community.

It takes less than a minute to sign the petition. Collecting as many signatures as possible sends a powerful message to the world: the U.S. is no longer taking manufacturing for granted.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. And please, share this information with coworkers, business associates, and supporters of manufacturing!

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