The 3 Benefits Of Using ExporTech To Export

For small manufacturing business, exporting internationally can be a very tricky and potentially expensive risk. There are a seemingly unlimited number of global markets available to businesses, but not every market is right for every product. A small business can’t afford to waste time and money finding the right market(s) for their product, so the question remains:  what should a business do with international exporting?

Using ExporTech to Export


In you’re an NJ manufacturer, considering signing up for ExporTech™. It was originally created as a collaboration between the MEP system, U.S. Export Assistance Centers, District Export Councils, State Trade Economic and Development and several other partners.  ExporTech™ is intended for C level executives that are either brand new to exporting or slightly experienced, but still looking for new global opportunities.

ExportTech™ is geared towards all local NJ manufacturers, and offers three benefits for any businesses looking to invest in international exporting:

  • Accelerated Speed-to-Market:  ExporTech™ provides your business with coaching to determine your best international markets, as well as personally vetting your business plans with an experienced panel of international business experts.
  • Efficient Connection/Time Savings:  The panel will utilize one-on-one interactions to best analyze each participating business and determine the optimal connections, networks and vendors for the product.
  • Reduced Risk & Increased Success:  This is when big-picture planning comes in, as the panel will then research any previous strategies or practices that had distinguished successful businesses in similar fields and see how they can apply to your exporting plan.

ExporTech™ is one more tool in a small manufacturing business’ arsenal to find the best global markets while reducing as much of the risk involved as possible.  No business wants to risk losing clients and money by stretching their planning too thin, and ExporTech™ provides a safety net for a business’ potential international exports.

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