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The New Craftsmanship: Smart Workplace, Smart Workers

In 1936, Charlie Chaplin presented Modern Times, a film starring his iconic Little Tramp character as he struggled to acclimate himself to the latest technology: the assembly line.  Chaplin’s labors neatly represent the misconception that people have of a typical factory worker:  a mindless drone, tediously repeating the same task over and over.  While this stereotype certainly supported Chaplin’s comedy, times indeed have changed and the manufacturing landscape is no longer one of monotony.  In fact, New Jersey manufacturers are finding it critical to develop a skilled workforce to best benefit their rapidly expanding business.

Today, the smart technology needed in manufacturing demands well educated workers.  Every manufacturing field has been affected by automation, and as a result, workers must be trained in much more intricate tasks in order for the business to succeed. For example, education in any or all of the science, technology, engineering, or math (otherwise known as STEM) fields is critical.

These developments in manufacturing run the gamut, from new nanotechnologies in auto manufacturing to digital programs that allow the worker to plan and project the entire lifecycle of a product.  While exciting, at times this expansion can seem daunting and even overwhelming.  If manufacturing businesses set out to hire employees that are actively interested and invested in the world of manufacturing, they will find their businesses growing and prospering at an accelerated rate.

The new craftsmanship that is developing among workers within the automated workplace must focus on managing the production process, managing the machines.  While you could dismiss this as easy labor, this stereotype is wholly inaccurate.  If a machine breaks down while manufacturing, there is no easy fix.  Manufacturing businesses need a well educated workforce to combat any unforeseen hiccups that might take place through simple computer error.

The fact is, the old ways of manufacturing are fading away, and are rapidly being replaced by a business that is smarter, faster, and leaner than anything we’ve ever seen before.  Likewise, manufacturing businesses in New Jersey need to hire workers that smarter, faster, and leaner to keep up with this growing field.  Only then will they see their work truly improve with the times.

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