The NJMEP Registered Apprenticeship Program Extends Its Reach

Cohorts Coming to a Location Near You

The skills gap is a looming threat to businesses across the United States and around the world. Production skills have all but faded as high schools continue pulling shop classes and four-year degrees are touted as the only way to make a living. 

New Jersey manufacturing and logistics companies are in a position to take advantage of a new program designed to upskill individuals currently employed by a manufacturer. The NJMEP Pro-Action Education Network™ Registered Apprenticeship program is a year and a half program that combines on-the-job learning and in-class Related Technical Instruction to deliver relevant industry education that can be directly applied to the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of an employee. 

NJMEP along with its educational institution partners have worked to bring these Registered Apprenticeship Programs to more locations throughout New Jersey. Currently, there are two Cohorts taking place in Cedar Knolls New Jersey but Essex County Donald M Payne Sr. School of Technology, The Community College of Morris, Passaic County Community College, and Rowan College at Burlington County and vocational schools around New Jersey have agreed to champion the NJMEP Pro-Action Education Network™ Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician (IMPT) Registered Apprenticeship program on their campuses.

Employer Benefits of a Registered Apprenticeship

Employers that are interested in sponsoring standout employees to take part in an IMPT Registered Apprenticeship program will immediately start benefiting from the program, even before successful completion. See what current apprentices enrolled in the program have to say about their time with NJMEP as well as some employers sponsoring their workers.

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Jalil – NJMEP Apprentice

“When I went to Exothermic Molding, I didn’t know anything about molding, I just wanted a job. My company continues to push me to become better. Overall this apprenticeship program, to me, has been a success and I think it’ll continue to benefit me because I feel like this is the new way. Everybody’s path is different. [NJMEP’s Apprenticeship Program] offers hands-on training along with classroom training.”

Anthony – NJMEP Apprentice

“I had no prior knowledge of manufacturing in this field until I came to my company, Knickerbocker. I found an interest in production and manufacturing. and the fact that the president of the company is willing to invest in my education here is absolutely fantastic. I get to learn more about the technical aspects of the work such as calibrations, I get to learn certain measurements that apply to dyes and learning how to read pneumatic diagrams.”

Michael Delicio – Sr. Human Resources Manager at Bruker OST LLC.

“I’ve been with Bruker for the last two years. One of the first things I wanted to do was to establish an apprenticeship program within our organization. We were looking for machine operators, we were looking for maintenance mechanics.

Without Patti’s help [Patricia Moran, Director of Apprenticeships at NJMEP] it would have never happened.”

Beyond the educational benefits, the increased company loyalty, and upskilling employees, the monetary ROI to the companies involved cannot be ignored. Included in the Registered Apprenticeship program is the Related Technical Instruction which is currently no charge to the employer. This is a $10,000 value that the GAINS grant is able to cover until February 2020. 

The IMPT Registered Apprenticeship Program is partially customizable. Employers can explain to NJMEP what kind of skills they would like their apprentices to develop, beyond the normal scope of the program. Up to 25% of the curriculum can be modified and specialized in order to further ensure employers are receiving an upskilled employee that can immediately contribute to their employer. 

Find a Cohort Near You

Partnering with Essex County Donald M Payne Sr. School of Technology to host an IMPT Registered Apprenticeship program on their campus was a monumental milestone in regard to workplace development in the state of New Jersey. The college is providing the space to hold the Registered Apprenticeship classes and their facility support at no cost. NJMEP is able to greatly expand the accessibility of the program to New Jersey businesses by passing on these savings. 

In addition to Essex County Donald M Payne Sr. School of Technology IMPT Registered Apprenticeship program, three other Community Colleges throughout New Jersey are offering a spot for new Cohorts. Each one offers modern facilities and exceptional faculty support to ensure the IMPT Registered Apprenticeship program remains consistent no matter where a company decides to enroll. 

New Jersey businesses now have the option to sign up for IMPT Registered Apprenticeships closer to their place of business. The four Community College cohorts are listed below. 

Essex County Donald M Payne Sr. School of Technology

Location: North/Central New Jersey
Address: 498-544 W Market St, Newark, NJ 07107
Program: Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician 

Rowan College at Burlington County 

Location: Southern New Jersey
Address: 1 High St, Mt Holly, NJ 08060
Program: Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician

Even more Apprenticeship Cohorts available throughout the state, coming soon. To learn more about upcoming Apprenticeship Cohorts, contact Patricia Moran, NJMEP Director of Apprenticeship by email at or call Tel. 973-998-9801 Cell 908-642-0122.

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Moving Forward to Upskill the Workforce

As employees near retirement, all that legacy knowledge is in danger of disappearing. The IMPT Registered Apprenticeship program is a way for manufacturers to connect their stand out employees with a mentor at work, while also giving the apprentices the opportunity to expand their manufacturing production knowledge and skills in the classroom. This is a way to retain critical legacy knowledge and prepare employees to take on the next levels of employment without any major capital investment by the company. 

To learn more or find out how to get involved, contact a member of the NJMEP Pro-Action Education Network ™ team today.

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