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The Top 3 Reasons the Healthiest Companies Outsource Recruitment and HR Services


Some companies stick to their recruitment processes simply because “that’s the way it has always been done”. Others who are looking to improve their bottom line, are tapping into readily available resources and saving money as well as improving their corporate culture.

There are so many benefits to outsourcing HR initiatives, especially recruitment. Not only does outsourcing allow companies to better focus on their core business, it affords them the opportunity to rely on strategic specialists for a fraction of the cost.

If you’ve ever wondered WHY a company chooses to support their team with outsourced resources, here are the reasons we hear most.

  1. Reduce Costs and Save Money – The costs associated with recruitment add up. From posting ads, background checks and candidate screenings to dealing with recruitment technology and subscription services, it is a never ending challenge to maintain consistent recruitment practices and to dedicate resources to an on-going effort. By outsourcing, a company stands to reduce both cost-per-hire and time-to-fill costs. Outsourced recruiters maintain standard practices and are dedicated to a continuous effort until the position is appropriately filled. The added bonus is that outsourced efforts are also scalable in times of growth or business plateaus.
  2. Quality of Candidates – There is a difference between filling a job and staffing an organization. A hiring manager usually has an immediate need to fill. A recruitment specialist can take a broader view of the vacancy and look at the competencies and qualities of an individual that will fit within your business culture for the long haul. An outsourced solution provides the opportunity for a specialist to screen, qualify, and present only those candidates that are a top fit for culture and values. From there, the hiring manager can further vet the candidate’s fit for the job.
  3. Brand Improvement – When a contract recruiter provides quality candidates to them, managers spend less time on sourcing and screening applicants and more time doing assigned tasks to help the business grow and succeed. This allows them to be more focused during the interview and hiring process which gives a good impression to candidates. Social media plays an important role in how people search for work and learn about companies in general. So, when everyone feels good about the hiring process, the outcomes will be positive and reflected in the things that people say about the company on social media and Glass Door. This, in turn, further attracts potential candidates who will positively impact your culture and ultimately your brand. Outsourcing not only helps jobs get filled faster and more efficiently, it helps companies get healthier and brands get stronger.

In short, outsourced recruitment helps companies meet staffing goals while making a positive impact on the overall business. It supports companies to fulfill their needs, improve their process, reduce cost and fortify their brand.

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Sue Brocaglia, President

Sue Brocaglia, President

Sue founded Creative Workforce Solutions in 2009, after decades working for established HR organizations in a variety of industries.

Since then, Sue and her team have partnered with start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies to streamline and grow the HR landscape, adopt best practices, and identify and develop valuable new hires. She’s been instrumental in developing purpose-built technology solutions that automate and manage many HR tasks, freeing clients’ time to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

As Creative Workforce Solutions has grown, Sue has focused on expanding the offering from traditional HR consulting to include leadership development and coaching, payroll services, benefits consulting, administrative support, and employee communications. She earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Saint Francis University.

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