Made in New Jersey Manufacturing Manufacturing Day

Today Marks National Manufacturing Day 2016

From our beautiful beaches to our famous musicians and Oscar winning actors and actresses, New Jersey is notable for a number reasons.  Sure, people know us for our exciting boardwalks and our “Jersey Boy” tunes, but we’re also home to the most innovative manufacturers in the world! We’re spreading the message that manufacturing is “alive and well” in the Garden State – and this is why National Manufacturing Day matters.  

Changing the Perception

In it’s fifth year of celebration, National Manufacturing Day was established in 2012 to improve the public’s view of manufacturing careers. We need to raise awareness about manufacturing’s impact and change the perception of manufacturing careers for future generations. In order to attract the next wave of manufacturing workers, we need students, parents, and educators to understand that manufacturing offers diverse career opportunities and well-paying jobs.

As depicted in an infographic by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), there is a disconnect between the perception of our industry and the actual facts. Despite the fact that there are plenty of job openings and the average annual compensation for a manufacturing worker is $77k (and it’s even higher in New Jersey at $92k), there is much work to be done to recruit more workers.

  1.  37% of parents encourage their children to enter manufacturing.
  2. 18% of people view manufacturing as a top career choice.
  3. 80% of manufacturing jobs are currently employed by workers ages 45-65 years.
  4. 27% of manufacturing workers are women.

Annual “Made in New Jersey Event” and Tours

Shedding light on the disparities is one thing, but taking action is another. That’s why organizations also celebrate National Manufacturing Day by opening their doors to students, parents, educators, and the general public to experience what modern manufacturing is all about. Other companies hold private events, and many host their legislators. For a listing of New Jersey events in October, click here.

Every year in celebration of National Manufacturing Day, NJMEP hosts a “Made in New Jersey” event. Hundreds of manufacturers and business professionals gather for:

  1. Continental Breakfast and Lunch
  2. Networking Opportunities
  3. Welcome & Opening Remarks
  4. Keynote Speeches
  5. Breakout Sessions
  6. 2016 New Jersey Manufacturing Awards Announcements
  7. Manufacturing and STEM Honor Roll Presentation

Connect with the Business Community, Legislators, and Media

In addition to attracting more workers, National Manufacturing Day is also critical to helping us educate the public about our industry’s value to the U.S. economy. It’s vital that all different segments of the population understand how important manufacturing is to the economy.

Every $1.00 spent in manufacturing creates $1.37 of wealth for the economy, nearly 12% of the nation’s GDP is from manufacturing, and U.S. manufacturing is the ninth largest economy in the world. And New Jersey’s robust manufacturing sector employs more than 240,000 workers responsible for nearly $46 billion in output.

With manufacturing helping to drive economic growth, it is important for business and community leaders, legislators, and the media to all understand how vital the manufacturing sector is to economic prosperity.

Keep the Momentum Going

National Manufacturing Day has helped our community in significant ways, but we need to work together as a community to build momentum all the time. Advocating for our industry shouldn’t be limited to a single day. Even when Manufacturing Day is over, connect with NJMEP to learn how you can advocate for our industry and help influence a culture that embraces and celebrations modern manufacturing!


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