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Top 5 Benefits Of Green Manufacturing

Manufactures today face a range of pressures that force them to look for effective ways to improve the quality of their goods, while also looking for ways to cuts costs. For many of these companies, the mere thought of going green seems nearly impossible. The fact is, however, that as the pressure keeps building from consumers and the government, many manufacturers are left without a choice.

What many manufacturers do not know is that there are various benefits available for those companies that make the choice to go green. These benefits can actually help to boost sales while lowering overall operating costs. It is the realization of these great benefits that has entice numerous companies to make environmentally-friendly changes in their workplaces. Below is a look at the top 5 benefits of green manufacturing.

Save Money

If planned out carefully, many green changes in the workplace can help reduce the manufacturers overall operating costs. Things like solar and wind energy, along with energy efficient equipment and machinery, can help greatly reduce money utility bills. In addition, green manufacturing strategies, such as recycling and going paperless can save on supply costs. When looking at the bottom line, green manufacturing investments can provide a great ROI.

Tax Credits and Incentives

To help companies make the switch to green manufacturing alternatives, the government has developed a series of tax credit and incentives to help manufacturers offset the costs of implementing green policies. These credits are offered at both the federal and state level, so the exact incentives offer may vary by state. In addition, many utility companies also offer certain incentives and rebates for green manufacturers.

Built a Green Reputation

With so many consumers today concerned about the environment, making the choice to go green can help boost the manufacturer’s reputation. Companies can easily rebrand their green manufacturing image to entice a whole new customer-based to their goods. This can certainly help to increase the manufacture’s overall sales.

Business Growth

Competition among manufacturers to win various governmental bids is very fierce, but just one government contract can be a great benefit for the company. Making the decision to go green, can not only help improve the chances of earning the contract, but it may also many manufactures eligible for more types of governmental contract. This is because some contracts are limited to only working with companies that meet certain green manufacturing standards.

Impact on the Environment


There is no doubt that making green manufacturing choices will have a positive impact on the environment. It will allow that manufacturer to have a smaller carbon footprint and reduce the amount of toxins released into the atmosphere. This lets that manufacturer know that they are making the right decisions to protect the environment and keep it safe.

Many manufacturers have already made the decision to go green and the majority of these are reaping all of the benefits listed above. While it may seem overwhelming at first to make the switch to green manufacturing, if done correctly it can be a huge benefit to the company. Between the tax benefits, incentive, reduction in costs, and a boost in sales, green manufacturing may no longer be just an option, but may be a necessity for any manufacturer hoping to stay competitive in today’s market.

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