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Top Safety Products – A Community Centric Company

Manufacturing is an interesting industry. On its surface, it seems like any other industry however once explored a bit deeper, the truly exceptional aspects come to light. Every product, component, food, and beverage we consume is touched by a manufacturer in one way or another. These manufacturers are the lifeblood of the economy in the U.S., abroad, and especially here in New Jersey. The impact manufacturing has is not just isolated to the economy either. Organizations that manufacture products that keep the world turning can have a massive social impact on their communities as well. This is made clear when looking at Top Safety Products.

Building the first aid empire takes determination and an unfettered will to push forward. Top Safety Products is a Women-Owned Small business headquartered in Branchburg, New Jersey that meticulously assembles quality first aid kits and related first aid and safety products. They have the capability to create a massive variety of first aid kits for the construction industry as well as kits designed to meet a host of other unique applications and specific industry needs. Serving clients for over three decades, they developed the means to serve their customers and create ideal solutions to their unique needs.

Jennifer Johnson leads the team at Top Safety Products. President of the company, her 15 person team are tasked with creating a wide selection of first aid kits, many of which must fall within specific compliance. With over 20 years of experience, Arleen Wilson is our lead assembler and head of quality control.  Our Operations Manager, Dinesh Patel has been overseeing the assembly of standard as well as custom first aid kits for more than 30 years.

The company works out of a two-story flex industrial space right off Route 22 where they assemble pocket sized first aid kits all the way up to a heavily stocked cabinet (which the team refers to as Big Bertha) ideal for construction, manufacturing, and industrial sites. Most of their business is taken up by the kits that are required on all construction sites, dictated by OSHA and the ANSI code standards. In 2015 specific guidelines changed and for many businesses to remain in compliance with government regulation, a minimum number of first aid supplies must be on job sites. Top Safety Products is working vigorously to ensure its products help those businesses remain in compliance, however, their work in community development can truly steal the spotlight.

The work being done on delivering high-quality products to its customers is only part of the company’s mission. Top Safety Products partnered with an incredible nonprofit, the Midland School also based in Branchburg, which serves children and adults with developmental and intellectual needs. The school has a team of students made up of adults from Midland School’s Adult Services and these amazing, capable, and passionate individuals have been working in the Top Safety Products warehouse three days a week since January 2018.

“Our collaboration with Midland School’s Adult Services is a huge success! Our three-person Midland Crew continues to build their skills in and out of the warehouse! I would recommend this program to all fellow companies with the ability to partner with Midland,” Jennifer Johnson, President of Top Safety Products stated. “We are grateful to Irene Francis, Job Developer for the Midland School/Midland Adult Services for this opportunity,” Johnson continued.

The partnership began when Midland School approached Top Safety Products and asked if the company would be interested in supporting their Supported Employment Enclave program. The Midland School was able to structure their Employment Enclave from the work they conducted with Top Safety Products business. Since that beginning, the Midland School has successfully developed more Employment Enclaves which came from working with Top Safety Products. The school even recently honored Top Safety Products as its 2019 Employer of the Year because of their commitment to the program. In addition, being recognized by the Midland School, Jennifer Johnson is a recipient of the Hall of Fame Award for Changing Lives from the Silberman College of Business at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  

Beyond manufacturing standard kits, Top Safety Products has added Bleeding Control Kits, Pet First Aid Kits and designed a fundraising program for any school, team, club, or organization. Their teammate, Rosemarie Kells designed an easy to execute and profitable fundraising program where a local high school recently participated in their fundraiser offering family and auto first aid kits and earned 50% profit for each kit sold.

As a member of NJMEP’s Made in New Jersey program NJMEP applauds both Top Safety Products and their partner the Midland School. The partnership led to monumental achievements in helping create a way for a manufacturer to give back to their community and positively impact so many incredible individuals.

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