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Trenton Manufacturer SWITLIK Dedicated to Growing in New Jersey

Aviation, marine, and military safety and survival product leader, SWITLIK is committed to keeping their business local. The Central New Jersey manufacturer recently announced they broke ground on a new expansion for their facility in Trenton, NJ. This new project is a testament to SWITLIK’s continued growth and their dedication to the local community. 

SWITLIK has called Trenton home since 1920 while mostly employing residents in both Trenton and neighboring Hamilton for the last 100+ years. This company is proof that New Jersey manufacturing can thrive by investing in the community and in their workforce. One truly unique quality about SWITLIK which makes them stand out in the industry is their products are completely hand sewn by staff. They’ve become an industry leader because they can produce top-quality products with a personal touch, and don’t rely on outsourced production. 

Left to Right: Sarah Switlik – Switlik COO, Jeff Martin – Mayor of Hamilton NJ, Stanley Switlik II – Switlik CEO, Reed Gusciora – Mayor of Trenton NJ, Joe Harrison – Trenton City Councilman.

Expanding Facility Leads to New Opportunities

This soon-to-be 20,000 square foot building will provide SWITLIK with much-needed space to expand their product offerings and encourage new innovative ideas to meet customer demands. The new building is expected to be completed by June 2023 and operational shortly afterwards. It will be used as both a warehouse and manufacturing space. 

The expansion allows SWITLIK to focus on and retain their current workforce. They currently have close to 150 employees and will look to grow soon. Most of the team currently reside in the area with the rest of their staff living in other parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Even though they are focusing on their current staff, they are ready to accept more people onto the team. SWITLIK is always seeking workers with experience in light manufacturing, sewing, and textiles. In a rare industry move, they are open to hiring entry-level employees and train them for successful careers. 

They’re a tremendous example for ‘MADE in New Jersey’ manufacturers that are willing to explore new ideas which lead to growth. By diversifying their products and markets and having a willingness to adapt to the current times, it ensures that SWITLIK continues to be an industry-leading US manufacturer. 

“We’re thrilled to get moving on this project which will ultimately provide the residents of Trenton and Hamilton with new job opportunities and help those employed continue succeeding. For 102 years Switlik has been saving lives worldwide, providing jobs locally,” SWITLIK CEO, Stanley Switlik II enthusiastically explained. 

The new state-of-the-art warehouse will enhance their ability to expand their current product lines and lead to the creation of new features and further product enhancements. Their mission is to design, manufacture, and sell technical textile product solutions maintaining the highest possible quality. The new building allows them to continue fulfilling their mission each day. 

“The expansion is pivotal for us,” SWITLIK COO, Sarah Switlik stated. “It allows us a lot of opportunity as we look towards the next generation at Switlik.” 

Countless manufacturers continue to relocate to other cities, states, or countries for many reasons. A primary cause for the move is a labor shortage. SWITLIK is a tremendous example of a local business that invests heavily in their local community and supports their people’s professional development. By investing in their infrastructure and upskilling their staff, it addresses many of the current workforce challenges and allows their business to grow. Companies should look at SWITLIK as an incredible example of how to maintain a local, reliable workforce. 

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