Through a newly introduced suite of services, manufacturers can now take advantage of a host of engineering-focused opportunities to dramatically increase the bottom line. Whether a manufacturing business is looking to purchase a new facility, redesign their current plant, optimize their production process, create the ideal automation solution, or upskill current employees on these new practices/technologies, there are programs available to assist. Explore the individual opportunities in the sections below or contact an NJMEP Facility Design, Engineering, and Automation expert today by filling out the form on this page OR call us at (973) 998-9801. Take full advantage of the facility, equipment, architecture, automation, and robotics experts standing by waiting to assist. 

Operational Flow

Reducing waste and increasing throughput are always on the mind of the modern manufacturing business leader. Work with a team of experts with years of experience in optimizing production lines to identify the most cost-effective ways to improve your overall operation. Explore new equipment options and see examples of how this equipment will optimize the newly design plant layout.

Equipment Selection

Don’t spend money on equipment before having an accurate idea of how long it will take to achieve an ROI. Any equipment and/or customization will be closely examined to make sure the new technology will meet the needs of a business.

Manufacturers that engage with NJMEP’s Facility Design, Engineering, and Automation suite will have access to feasibility studies to give business owners confidence that every dollar spent will result in a stronger bottom line.

Project Management / Design & Build

Complete Project Management from Plan to Start-Up. Your project will be actively managed every step of the way to ensure schedules are maintained and delays are avoided.


NJMEP provides customized training to support the development and growth of a manufacturing business engaged in a Facility Design, Engineering, & Automation suite project. The best way for any project to succeed is by supporting the workforce. 

Learn More about all the services available through NJMEP’s Facility Design, Engineering, and Automation Suite.

Architecture and Permitting Assistance

Do it right, the first time! When it comes to designing a faculty, incorrect schematics and designs can cost a business substantially.

NJMEP works closely with the state and local municipalities and has teams standing by to asset manufacturers in navigating New Jersey’s complex permitting process.

Schematic Designs 
Detailed Designs  
Permitting Assistance

General Contracting

Partner with a team that can support with the construction of your new facility or an expansion onto your existing facility.

Construction of New Facility  
Expansion of Existing Facility

Work with the right team to ensure all blueprints and schematics for a new facility or a facility redesign are correct from the start. Connect with the team that has the relationships to help your project proceed smoothly.

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