Chivukula Praises US Senators for NJMEP Aid

TRENTON – Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula (D-17) praised the efforts of Senators Lautenberg and Menendez to provide $1.5 million to aid the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program (NJMEP) from the U.S. Department of Commerce.


The NJMEP program provides technical assistance and knowledge to a wide variety of businesses in New Jersey.  It is part of a federal program that began in 1988 to address the closing and relocating of manufacturers.  The NJMEP helps produce nearly $140 for every tax dollar spent.  Since its inception, it has help produce nearly 2000 manufacturing jobs.


Assemblyman Chivukula, a strong supporter of the NJMEP, stated, “This type of program demonstrates what good government can do.  Through minimum cost, it helps businesses to stay in New Jersey, it keeps jobs here.  It helps those small and medium businesses by providing them with the information needed to compete in a global economy.  The support of our Congressional delegation in funding these types of programs will help New Jersey overcome this current economic crisis.”


“New Jersey has a workforce that is educated, talented and dedicated.  New Jersey provides many tools to help businesses to succeed, from programs like the Business Employment Incentive Program, to the Edison Innovation Fund program.  There is much more we can do, including legislation I have sponsored, like bill A-830, which creates innovation zones to tie together research centers with industry and A-832 which aids small businesses by expanding the Regulatory Flexibility Act.  We have a responsibility to provide resources that aid businesses located in New Jersey and encourage the growth of new business,” Chivukula added.


Deputy Speaker Chivukula is Chair of the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee, member of the Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee and the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology.

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