Help Needed in Food Industry to Replace Retiring Workforce

The issue facing manufacturers across the country has reached the Food Industry. With skilled labor retiring out, industries across the United States are facing a rapidly aging workforce on the verge of retirement and no people to fill them.  This problem is not just in the United States, either. The UK predicts that by the year 2025, the food and beverage industry will need approximately 130,000 new, SKILLED, workers to replace those leaving industry for retirement. In the UK, and the US, the baking industry is extremely important and an outflow of trained professionals could be devastating if there aren’t skilled personnel making their way back into these companies.

This is especially important now more than ever as companies are becoming more automated, leading to operators and personnel lacking the technical knowledge of ingredient relationships within foods (the basics of baking) and the potential impact on finished product quality. Help is needed in the Food Industry and needed quickly, or the knowledge base keeping it afloat will be all but devoured.

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