Manufacturing Caucus to Hold Roundtable Wednesday on How NJ Firms Responded to Coronavirus Crisis

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FOR RELEASE: June 9, 2020 –

Trenton – The bipartisan Legislative Manufacturing Caucus will hold a roundtable on Wednesday, June 10, at 10 a.m. focused on how New Jersey manufacturers responded to the coronavirus crisis.

“The coronavirus crisis demonstrated the critical importance of the manufacturing sector, while testing the ability of manufacturers to adapt quickly to satisfy demand for Personal Protective Equipment and other healthcare needs,” said Senator Linda Greenstein (D-Middlesex/Mercer), who chairs the Manufacturing Caucus. “We want to hear firsthand from manufacturers about their experiences during the pandemic so that we can be better prepared to meet future needs in the event of a second outbreak or another unforeseen emergency.”

“New Jersey is home to some of the best, well-established manufacturing businesses in the world. Through the years, the state lost much of its recognition as a desirable location for manufacturing operations, but as it has shown during the pandemic, the manufacturing sector remains responsive and viable,” said Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex), the caucus co-chair.  “Benefiting from New Jersey’s locational advantages and leading infrastructure assets, manufacturers faced with the coronavirus have demonstrated a level of adaptability and willingness to assist our residents during the crisis that can open doors to many new opportunities for the industry. It is our hope that ongoing discussions with manufacturing leaders will yield valuable insight the Legislature can use to position the state to prosper in the future.”

Participants in the roundtable are expected to include:

  • Mitch Cahn – President of Unionwear
  • Peter Connolly – President of Shocktech
  • Amy Eskilson – President/CEO of Inrad Optics
  • Gary Fails – President of City Theatrical
  • Gail Friedberg – President of Zago
  • Linda Kelly – Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel, National Association of Manufacturers
  • Patrick Marotta – President of Marotta Controls
  • Howard McIlwaine –Senior Vice President, Unex
  • Brian Neuwirth – Chairman, Unex
  • Casey Muench – President of GEMCO
  • Dax Strohmeyer – President of Triangle MFG
  • Carroll Thomas – Director, Manufacturing Extension Program National Network
  • Dieter Weissenrieder – President/CEO of Weiss-Aug

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