Manufacturing is Alive in New Jersey

New Jersey isn’t simply “The Garden State.”  Its small and midsized manufacturers are quietly contributing to the state’s economy and the international economy as well.  New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program Inc. (NJMEP) is featuring many of these manufacturers on its web site, spotlighting companies that are committed to keeping jobs in New Jersey.

NJMEP recently launched a web page showcasing these great companies.  The Made in New Jersey webpage isn’t just a pretty interface; it’s a source for finding local suppliers to meet your company’s needs.

The State is home to companies producing products that increase energy efficiency, recycle materials and support other manufacturers.  Our manufacturers help keep us fit with their aerobic equipment and nutritional supplements and they help keep our children occupied and fed.  Many New Jersey manufacturers are ISO certified, incorporate Lean Principles and produce innovative products using sustainable materials.  Lives are saved as a result of equipment manufactured in the state and a New Jersey “manufacturer” is a leading supplier of allograft tissue for transplants.

Manufacturers Save Energy and Help Save Lives

New Jersey’s Robert Lighting and Energy (RLE Industries) and Tektite Industries are two companies helping improve energy usage.  Fairfield based RLE Industries manufactures energy efficient fluorescent, HID, and LED lighting systems.  Further south, Trenton based Tektite Industries manufactures portable LED flashlights and lighting systems with diving, aviation, emergency services, military, and law enforcement applications.  Its products can be found in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as in North America.

Odyssey Automotive Specialty, based in Wharton, manufactures first response EMS units that help save lives throughout the state and the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation ships its tissue throughout the US and also educates the public on the importance of organ and tissue donation.

Manufacturers Recycle and Use Recyclable Materials
Absecon Mills, located in the Pinelands is an eco-friendly company.  Eighty-five percent of its raw materials are recyclable, leaving no waste by-products in the manufacturing process.  The company manufactures upholstery fabrics and wall covering from Polyolefin, a fabric manufactured from a by-product of gasoline manufacturing.  After use, these fabrics and wall coverings are recycled to inert plastic resin pellets, which offset the need for virgin plastic pellets derived from oil production.

In addition to its sustainable products, Absecon Mills participates in New Jersey’s Clean Power Choice Program.  The company utilizes wind power in its operations and manufacturing processes.

Easily recognized by anyone who has been in the paper products aisle of any supermarket or driven through Paterson on Route 80, Marcal Manufacturing is a leader in 100% recycled paper products: bath tissue, paper towels, napkins and facial tissue.  An “Earth-Friendly Paper Goods Company since 1950,” Marcal uses recyclables from more than 600 municipalities to create its Small Steps products.  Beside its residential products, Marcal produces a line of specialized products for business and institutions; products enabling all of us to take small steps in greening our environment.  CEO Tim Spring, a long-time conservationist and advocate, walked across NJ to raise money for charity and his passion is to convert everyone to 100% Recycled Paper.

Quality in Our Lives and in Manufacturing Processes
Whether you are improving the quality of your life or your company’s processes you will appreciate these New Jersey manufacturers’ efforts to provide first class aerobic equipment, nutritional supplements and quality industrial products.

Two New Jersey manufacturers help us keep our bodies fit.  Aerobics, Inc., in West Caldwell, manufactures treadmills, elliptical machines and exercise cycles.  Its PaceMaster treadmills were featured in the Discovery Channel’s series “How It’s Made.”  Viewing it’s customers’ testimonials on its website, we see that buying American is important to consumers when given the choice.

Food Sciences Corporation, a full service contract and private label manufacturer of nutritional products and programs, specializes in the weight management industry.  For more than 30 years, the company has manufactured its own product line as well as partnering with major US corporations, medical facilities and small businesses to create and manufacture custom formulations.

New Jersey manufacturers produce quality products.  Connector Products Inc. was founded by Mario Polidori, a power utility worker who saw a need for connectors for commercial rail line and power generation applications.  He developed the designs and patented the technology.  Today the company is an ISO certified manufacturer delivering quality products to its customers.

Precision Escalator manufacturers escalator parts, elevator products and moving walk components.  The company’s founder, Greg Maroukian, began with a goal of delivering a few high quality products that would enable service organizations and mechanic customers to complete their jobs correctly and efficiently.  The company, operating with lean manufacturing principles, continues to provider its worldwide customer base with high quality products for servicing escalators and elevators.

New Jersey’s Manufacturers
Throughout the State, manufacturers are producing products that assist other companies in their production processes and compete in the global economy.  We’ve looked at a just handful of companies here.  To learn more about the New Jersey manufacturing community visit Made in New Jersey at  And, if you are a manufacturer that would like to add your company to the page, you’ll find the instructions there.

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