Manufacturing Program Taps Sordillo for Board

Warren resident Vic Sordillo has been named to the board of trustess of the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, the group announced.

Sordillo, who serves on the Township Committee, said the program seeks ways to support manufacturers in New Jersey, with the aim of improving the statewide economy. He added he’ll be looking for ways to streamline regulatory roadblocks to manufacturing, working directly with New Jersey Lt. Kim Guadagno on any reported issues.

“It is an honor to be associated with such a successful operation as the NJMEP,” Sordillo said.  “As good citizens we must support our local businesses to ensure the health of our economy.

The program is a federally funded through the National Institute of Standards and Technology, with a mission to promote the development and health of the manufacturing base in New Jersey and the United States. It is a public-private partnership providing training and consultation to companies to promote innovation and leadership.

The program has received wide support because of studies estimating every dollar of federal investment yields $32 in new sales growth.

In addition to his community service on the committee and several terms as mayor, Sordillo has also served as a president and trustee of The Somerset County Government Officials Association, the Advisory Board of Petra Solar Corporation, and vice-president and manager of the home office operations of Loss Control Services at the Chubb Corporation.

He has published several articles on continuity planning and governmental cost containment, and served for many years on not-for-profit boards such as the Red Cross and the United Way.

“I have a passion for supporting local businesses,” Sordillo said. “I search for and try to purchase American-made products as often as I can.  I was very disappointed recently when trying to purchase household goods and found very few manufactured in the USA.  I am willing to pay more if I must as I am convinced that we make the very best products from a quality and safety standpoint.  The recent headlines of unsafe toys and tainted dog food from China should convince the public that the quality control and safety standards can not be guaranteed when the producers have no assets in jeopardy within the USA.”

Robert Loderstedt, president and CEO of NJMEP, said the programs success is due to board members such as Sordillo.

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