Medin Corporation Moves Operations to Totowa to Continue Its Expansive Growth in Manufacturing Instruments Trays, Cases and Sterilization Containers

Totowa, NJ — Since 1966, Medin Corporation has provided high-quality products to the medical device and healthcare industries. It has become the world’s largest focused manufacturer of instrument trays, cases, and sterilization containers, manufacturing all its products within the US.

Meeting the demands of customers’ high-quality standards with top-notch equipment production began to prove to be difficult in its original Passaic, NJ mill location. The antiquated nature of the facility was no longer compatible with the requirements of Medin’s intricate and sanitary product line and its customers.

The time to upgrade to new facilities was warranted.
Sixty-six percent of a purchase is based on emotion. It takes thirty seconds for a buyer to determine whether to purchase a product or not. It’s a quick and emotional and reaction to the way a product is presented and reflects the people, processes, and facilities that produces it.

“We had potential new customers telling us directly that they couldn’t do business with us solely because of our location,” states Mark DiSilvestro, Medin’s COO. “Customers wanted our facility to reflect the same high-quality levels demonstrated every day by our personnel, products, and performance.”

Medin upgraded and moved to an “existing property in Totowa, NJ that fit well with the needs of, and vision for, our company,” states Jay Schainholz, Medin’s CEO. “The move facilitated improved communications, product quality, performance, and delivery.”

“Although our new plant is not far from the old one, retaining our staff of 120 employees was a significant consideration. We offer shuttle buses, modernized accommodations, and, we think, a much better work environment for our staff. The new facility offers better communications and workflow between departments, making problem solving much easier. This change of location not only represents a physical move for Medin, but it also offers an opportunity for a change in the culture of our company as well. Enabling our employees to approach work in a better way and making it easier to do business with our customers will continue to sustain our success. We’re receiving great feedback from people. They really like the new facility,” says Mr. DiSilvestro.

A New Facility with Room to Grow
The new plant can accommodate increased future capacity. The building’s open floor plan fosters product development, employee interactions with operations and design and process improvements. Ultimately, this means sustaining well-paying jobs for Passaic County.

Medin’s future is very bright with the move to this new facility — reflecting its standards for producing high-quality products for its customers.

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Pictured Below: Sterilization Cases, Trays and Accessories Manufactured by Medin

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 Pictured Below: Panoramic view of Medin’s new Totowa, NJ Facility




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