New Jersey Legislature Unanimously Approves Liquor License Reform Bill


In a significant development for the state’s craft brewery scene, a bill aiming to alleviate controversial food and event restrictions has secured unanimous support from both chambers of the Legislature. Sponsored by Democratic Senators Vin Gopal, Paul Sarlo, and Troy Singleton, the bill proposes several changes, including allowing unlimited onsite events, selling packaged snacks, and eliminating the mandatory facility tour before alcohol consumption.

The measure also addresses the reactivation of dormant liquor licenses, termed “pocket licenses,” with a provision for expiration after two years of inactivity. Special licenses for shopping malls and the establishment of a farm brewery license are also included in the bill. Next the bill will pass Governor Phil Murphy’s desk and it’s anticipated that he’ll approve the legislation, marking a scaled-down version of his broader efforts to reform Prohibition-era liquor license laws.

While celebrated as a step in the right direction for the growing craft beverage industry, the bill has faced mixed reactions. Industry advocates express support for the newfound flexibility, but critics, including Downtown New Jersey and the NJ League of Municipalities, argue that it falls short in addressing affordability concerns and calls for more progressive reforms in the future. The legislation reflects a compromise between lawmakers and the governor, incorporating elements from a previous measure and considering industry concerns.


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