NJ Business News: Workforce Development Training Grants Available for NJ Manufacturers

The New Jersey Department of Labor (NJ-DOL) has released information on the next round of Workforce Development Grants to help New Jersey companies upgrade the skills of their current staff and/or train new employees with up to $50,000 per company available.

The New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc. (NJMEP), a not-for-profit, is working with manufacturers and STEM-based firms throughout the state on the program. After a corporate assessment is conducted to determine appropriate training for organizations, a plan is developed to support the requests.

The key programs include: Lean Transformation, ISO Process – towards Certification, ISO – 2015 Revisions for Re-Certification and Food Organization & Safety. Other programs available include Business Development – Sales & Marketing, Supervisory Development and Leadership / Business Communication.

NJMEP is recommending November 25, 2015 as a deadline for the letters of intent and December 9, 2015 as the deadline for grant submittals. The grants are developed to be “matching,” as the NJ-DOL pays for the cost of the training. Companies cover the cost of their employees to participate in training. These programs are generally provided on-site.

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