NJMEP Announces Representation of Talent Networks for Advanced Manufacturing, and Transportation, Logistics & Distribution in 2018

NJMEP is excited to have been awarded two New Jersey Talent Networks from The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD):

  • Advanced Manufacturing Talent Network
  • Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution Talent Network

Talent Networks have significantly contributed to New Jersey’s economic growth throughout the years. Working directly with employers to develop partnerships, talent networks leverage opportunities to cultivate a pipeline of talent aligned with the needs of their targeted industries. As a result, talent networks promote the state’s highly-skilled workforce with education and occupational training through the creation of apprenticeships and other career pathways into those specific sectors identified in the grant opportunity.

“There is a pressing need for highly skilled workers,” said John W. Kennedy, CEO of NJMEP.  According to Deloitte, over the next decade, there will be approximately 3.5 million manufacturing jobs needed in the United States.  By 2025, 2 million are expected to go unfilled.  In New Jersey alone, there are approximately 360,000 manufacturing jobs that need to be filled.  “A central aim of the networks is to help current and future workers develop relevant skills that lead to jobs and to help employers find qualified workers.  We intend to align the needs of these different industry sectors to the mutual benefit of each, all for the purpose of helping to close the skills gap in New Jersey,” adds Kennedy.

Working alongside two successful talent networks has laid the groundwork for a bright future not only for New Jersey, but also its many eager manufacturers and industry organizations. This historic pairing between the talent networks and NJMEP offers access to the industry for all those interested in launching their careers.

Building on NJIT’s years of community outreach and industry advocacy, NJMEP is excited to now lead the effort and drive economic development through high-quality, business-driven partnerships within New Jersey.

“NJMEP’s dedication to improving the industry through developing a strong workforce is precisely what makes our partnership with Advanced Manufacturing Talent Network and Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution Talent Network so cohesive. Organizations brought together by one goal; to see the continued improvement and growth of their industry,” states Kennedy. This unprecedented combination of industry knowledge, practical implementation, and firsthand experience spells only good things for the future of manufacturing in New Jersey.

Please bear with us as we build the 2018 schedule, and gain access to all past information on these respective Talent Networks.

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