NJMEP Launches 2011 Next Generation Manufacturing Study

A manufacturing study first conducted in 2009 was re-launched May 24 across New Jersey by the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc. (NJMEP) to reassess state manufacturers on strategies that win in the global economy.
The “2011 Next Generation Manufacturing Study” provides a framework for understanding Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM) by identifying competitive performances and corporate best practices for achieving world-class status in the 21st century.  The strategies explored by the NGM Study are customer-focused innovation, superior processes/improvement focus, human-capital management, supply-chain management and collaboration, sustainability, and global engagement.

The study, a web-based questionnaire, can be accessed at www.NGMStudy.com. Any manufacturing owner, CEO or senior-level executive is eligible and invited to participate. The study is being rolled out nationally through the American Small Manufacturers Coalition (ASMC), the sponsoring organization composed of all of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Centers in America, which includes NJMEP.

Participation in the study, which takes 20-25 minutes to complete, is confidential or can be anonymous. Deadline for participation is June 21, 2011.  Study participants who participate confidentially (but not anonymously) will receive a comprehensive Next Generation Performance Report showing how their organization compares to other manufacturers (all participants as well as groups of manufacturers similar to their organization) in the key strategic areas.  The analysis will address these questions:

•    How does my company’s performance stack up vs. our competitors?
•    What do I need to do differently to catch up — or stay ahead?
•    What’s the latest innovation in manufacturing management — and am I ready to adopt it?
•    Do I have the talent and tools to compete in 2011?  In 2015?

The provided report can help companies manage their operations for Next Generation Manufacturing competitiveness and success.

“A focus on the six Next Generation Manufacturing strategies strongly correlated with success in the first version of this study,” said John Brandt, CEO of the Manufacturing Performance Institute (MPI). “Two years later, we’re interested in finding out what’s changed for U.S. manufacturers in a post-recession economy.”

The MPI, a global research firm that specializes in manufacturing issues and conducted the 2009 study, is conducting the study and compiling the reports. To view the 2009 study results visit njmep.org.

NJMEP President & CEO Robert Loderstedt sees great merit in the 2011 survey “It’s extremely important that the states manufacturers participate as it will provide valuable data for manufacturers, business leaders and state and national policymakers regarding what’s changed for U.S. manufacturers in a post-recession economy,” said Loderstedt.

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