NJMEP President Bob Loderstedt Leads Innovation Engineering Workshop

On Thursday, June 27th, NJMEP President Bob Loderstedt led a workshop for the Somerset County Business Partnership in Bridgewater, NJ, called Innovation Engineering®: Profitably Growing Your Top Line. Bob discussed the Innovation Engineering® Program, which utilizes an advanced form of brainstorming in order to consistently add new products and ideas into a company’s pipeline.

Some of the key topics from the workshop included:

  • Why typical brainstorming meetings fail
  • How diverse input is critical to the brainstorming process
  • The importance of leveraging “outsiders” in brainstorming
  • Meaningful uniqueness
  • The bell curve of growth and competitiveness
  • Risk of failure
  • Budgeting for innovation and ideas

Pictures from the event can be seen on our Facebook page.


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