R&D Tax Credits Still Available for NJ Manufacturers

When you spend money on designing, improving or working on your products, your actions can fall under the R&D category. Your efforts are probably qualifying you for R&D tax credits and you don’t even realize it!

Many manufacturers think that their efforts don’t qualify and they miss out on getting money back. Or, they believe their accountant is already taking care of the process when that’s actually not the case.

A quick and complimentary evaluation can let you know if there’s chance to get an R&D tax credit. All you have to do is call us at NJMEP and we’ll let you know if there’s potential.

R&D Calculator

You can download our R&D calculator to get an estimate on what you could be getting back. Some of our recent successes: an injection molder received $385,000, a hair products manufacturer received $120,000 and a rubber manufacturer received $90,000.

There’s still some time left to qualify for R&D tax credits. Schedule a complimentary evaluation with us and we’ll let you know your potential savings!

For more information, contact Joe Martas at jmartas@njmep.org or call 973-998-9801 today.

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