Senator Joseph Pennacchio Visits Brewster Washers

Fairfield, New Jersey – April 11, 2017

Senator Joseph Pennacchio Visits Brewster WashersBrewster Washers had the honor of giving Senator Joseph Pennacchio, members of his staff as well as members of NJMEP a tour of its plant located at 16 Kulick Road. The Senator experienced firsthand American manufacturing and its workers in action in his home district. At the end of the tour Senator Pennacchio presented Salvatore T. Freda, Jr., President of Brewster Washers with a Senate Resolution honoring, saluting and affirming Brewster’s importance in the community.

The Senator also aided Sal in raising a new flag to commemorate Brewster’s 98th Anniversary.

Since its inception, Brewster Washers has consistently manufactured the finest available washers, shims, discs and flat odd shaped parts for practically every purpose imaginable. Our washers, shims and discs are utilized in the defense and aerospace industries as well as in computers, motors, actuators, and have been used on the Space Shuttle and the Mars Lunar Rover to name a few. Making America great again one washer at a time.

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