Senators Menendez, Lautenberg Announce Crucial Program Funding

WASHINGTON – Today, US Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) announced that the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program (NJMEP) has been awarded $1.5 million from the Department of Commerce to support centers across the state that assist manufacturers by offering a wide range of manufacturing and business expertise services focused on growth, productivity, and efficiency. It is estimated that every dollar the Federal government invests in this program, there is a return of $137 in economic impact. In 2007 alone, NJMEP generated approximately $41B in economic output. Since the year 2000, the program has created an estimated 1,699 jobs.

“The manufacturing industry is crucial to New Jersey families and our state’s economic well being. With 12,000 manufacturing facilities that employ more than 300,000 workers, it helps create jobs and economic activity, and we need to support it through programs like this. We are living in a global age when our local manufacturing companies and workers face fierce and skilled competition from low-wage countries like China, Malaysia and India. This funding will ensure this crucial industry has access to modern tools and resources that enable them to compete, thrive and continue generating jobs in the short term and well into the 21st century.” said Senator Robert Menendez.

“The manufacturing industry in New Jersey provides thousands of families with an opportunity to earn a living,” said Senator Lautenberg. “These funds will enable manufacturers to take the necessary steps to keep their industry growing and prosperous. In these tough economic times, it is vital we do everything in our power to ensure our workers are receiving the training they need to stay competitive in a rapidly changing, global economy.”

Started in 1996, the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension program is one of 59 MEP’s across the 50 states and Puerto Rico that provide manufacturers with technical and business assistance to strengthen this sector’s productivity, profitability and global competitiveness. NJMEP has worked with more than 1,550 small and medium sized companies across New Jersey and completed more than 3,050 projects with them. Numbers prove the program’s effectiveness, which has consistently had a direct and positive impact on its client’s increased sales; cost savings; and equipment, systems and workforce investments.

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