Technical Sales Training

The success of a manufacturer depends on several interconnected roles, but none are more important than the Technical Sales Representative. Oftentimes the frontline between you and your clients, the technical sales representative is capable of building stronger relationships between you and your clientele, as well as furthering business relationships with potential future clients. The acting face of the business on the street-level, the professionalism and skill of your Technical Sales Representatives are directly attributed to your company, so why settle for anything less than the best?

NJMEP feels to miss adequately training your Technical Sales team is a problem that will only grow worse if left unattended. In an effort to prevent New Jersey manufacturers from experiencing such a problem, NJMEP developed a six-week course to prepare the willing for a future in Technical Sales. Focusing on key aspects of not only what makes a Technical Sales Rep, but what makes them fantastic.

Key aspects of the position require more than just an understanding of the product and its role in the market. To be an effective Technical Sales Rep, you need to have the qualities of a salesman, the knowledge of an engineer, and a drive for improvement on-par with company management. Without fully understanding your place in the cycle of business, a potential Technical Sales Rep has deprived the scope of their importance.

How much does addressing this issue matter to NJMEP? The course was delivered at no cost to those who showed an interest. Our goal is not one of personal profit, but how all of New Jersey can mutually benefit from a prepared workforce. In keeping with this goal, NJMEP invited companies in need of this very position to observe participants during their six-week curriculum, culminating in an interview on the final day. What better way to bring eager New Jersey manufacturers and potential employees together?

Whether training and preparing excited individuals for their future in manufacturing or supplying local manufacturers with the people necessary to thrive, NJMEP is proud to be there for every step of the journey. With a vested interest in both sides of the of the manufacturing process, NJMEP hopes to help New Jersey stay the leading state for manufacturers in the country.

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