Change Management

Manufacturers have been looking for innovative ways to accomplish numerous goals, including implementing initiatives to improve operational efficiencies and becoming more lean, or growing sales through increasing exports or developing new product lines.

While improvement projects are imperative to help your company grow, it’s critical to make sure your planned changes are sustained.

A key component of ensuring the results of your improvement initiatives are sustained is securing employee buy-in. When you make technical changes to grow, it’s just as important that your team understands and embraces the importance of all the planned changes. Furthermore, employees need to have buy-in from the start of a project(s). If employees don’t have buy-in from the start of a project(s) or understand why it’s important to improve, they will not see the value in the change.

This leads to less motivation for participating in projects and carrying out the changes, decreasing your chances of sustainability. The concept of addressing organizational, technical and behavioral changes all in one process is often referred to as Change Management within the manufacturing community. NJMEP offers various solutions and services that address these issues for manufacturers, and with the manufacturing sector making a pivotal comeback in the past few years, now is the time to implement iniatives that will help you improve efficiencies and grow sales.

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