Corporate Valuation & Optimization

Many business owners have worked their entire lives for the opportunity to sell their company. Improving your earning potential is significantly dependent on an accurate corporate valuation. While there are various models providing different multipliers and methods for assigning an organization’s value, finding the correct price for your business is very challenging.

Identify and Improve your Company’s Value

NJMEP and its resources have experience guiding manufacturers through the complexities of corporate valuations. We understand there are many factors for consideration – cash flow, revenue, assets, insurance, intellectual property, market trends, and more.

Our manufacturing corporate valuation specialists can help you in various ways:

  • Gathering accurate data about operating costs
  • Assigning costs to areas in manufacturing, engineering and planning
  • Consulting on the selling process
  • Negotiations with customers and suppliers
  • Rates for preparing quotes
  • Identification of gaps and roadmaps for optimization

If you’re looking to sell your business, accurately valuing your organization and taking the steps to improve in key areas will maximize your earnings.

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