NJMEP’s proprietary Destination Innovation Management System®

Created by NJMEP and other MEP Centers across the country, The Destination Innovation Management System (DIMS)® is an exclusive program designed to present manufacturers with a systematic and sustainable approach towards a continuous generation of innovative products, marketing concepts, and/or process improvements. The program is also designed to minimize the risks often associated with such activities.

Accelerate your Journey to Growth

DIMS® is an Accelerator Program that includes a concentrated 3-month procedure, in which a diverse team of employees is exposed to a strategically crafted set of exercises and tools that assist in discovering, refining, and evaluating targeted innovations.

This program includes:

  • 3 “Create Sessions” where participants will learn to generate novel, targeted concepts
  • Discovery & Define Sessions – Examine & Refine Concepts & Proposals
  • Weekly coaching
  • Private Portal & Account on DI Labs Website – For Data Collection
  • Access to Destination Innovation Specialists – MEP Resource Support

Cultivate a Culture of Innovation

Implementing the DIMS® provides a structured foundation for establishing a corporate culture of innovation thought and practice, as it ensures an on-going pipeline of new business concepts and projects.  The DIMS® is the premier program that will assist you with your specific needs and the creation of a viable pipeline of improvements that provides focus on all aspects of your business:

  • Business Development – Sales & Marketing
  • Product Development – Design & Execution
  • Process Control – Lean & Six Sigma

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