Between the skills gap and a retiring workforce, the demand for talent is high for manufacturers. From executive leadership to entry-level workers, companies need to recruit individuals who are productive, innovative, motivated, and make a positive impact on the company’s culture. However, it is both challenging and costly to identify, source, and successfully recruit these prized individuals.

NJMEP’s Expansive Network

NJMEP and its resource partners have years of experience finding the “needle in the haystack.” As industry leaders, we use both online and offline methods to build a large network of talent including community events, career fairs, job boards, networking, social media platforms, and our relationships with universities, community colleges, vocational schools, and more.

NJMEP’s staffing options are flexible and designed to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Our experts can additionally help throughout the entire recruitment process including:

  • Developing job descriptions
  • Applicant screening and resume reviews
  • Background checks
  • Interviewing
  • “Selling” your organization to quality candidates

Finding top talent is critical for your organization’s future. Connect with NJMEP and take your team to a higher level of excellence.

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