Transportation / Logistics Spend

According to Company Logistics Cost and Service Database, logistics costs end up being approximately 9% of sales, and transportation makes up 50% of those logistics costs. Logistics efficiency for manufacturers is more vital than ever. Improving supply chain performance can help manufacturers reduce costs and drive their companies towards operational success.

Manufacturers can leverage these services to:

  • Make their organizations more competitive both domestically and globally
  • Build an effective supply chain that keeps customers happy
  • Ensure products are flowing through the production line
  • Improve on-time delivery

Enhance the Effectiveness of your Supply Chain

Utilizing NJMEP’s services and adopting a logistics efficiency management approach will reduce your operating costs while increasing revenue and profitability. NJMEP partners with industry experts to deliver the most innovative and latest transportation management system and financial settlement technologies. Our experienced facilitators can guide you through the process of building a dynamic and strong supply chain and effective logistics program.

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