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In today’s increasingly complex marketplace, manufacturers need a continuous pipeline of leads and new sales opportunities. Websites are crucial to helping manufacturers attract and generate qualified leads, sell their products and parts, and enter new supply chains. However, many manufacturers do not currently have a website that effectively supports the sales process.

Benchmark your Website with NJMEP

The first step towards improving your website is an evaluation. NJMEP offers a complimentary assessment to offer manufacturers key input into the effectiveness of their website:

  • Insight into the visual effectiveness of your site
  • Input on whether your website is responsive to mobile devices
  • Information on how successful your website is at getting found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Suggestions on how you can improve your website as it relates to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, blogging, and inbound links
  • How to better optimize your website to work with your marketing efforts

In today’s economy, it is imperative for manufacturers to have a dynamic website. After an analysis from NJMEP, you’ll discover how you can make critical website improvements to achieve web-based growth.

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