Workforce Training

Workforce development is so much more than providing a few training sessions each year to meet minimum requirements. It’s a strategy focusing on people. The major underlying assumption of workforce development is that your employees are the most important assets in your business. It is critical for organizations to consistently provide ongoing training so employees can keep pace with the ever-changing manufacturing landscape.

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It is crucial for manufacturers to take a proactive approach in:

  • Fostering collaboration between employees
  • Ensuring that skills are constantly evolving to adapt to new technologies and needs
  • Motivating employees to be a part of the movement of change

Workforce Training Grants

Partial costs of programs and services may be offset from workforce development grants issued under the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. NJMEP can provide assistance throughout the application process to ensure your success. Past categories for training include:

  • Lean Transformation
  • ISO Process towards Certification or Re-Certification
  • Food Organization and Safety
  • Business Development
  • Supervisory Development
  • Leadership and Business Communication

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