C.B. Kaupp & Sons Apprenticeship Success

Background (C.B. Kaupp & Sons)

C.B. Kaupp & Sons is an ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100:2009 Rev C certified manufacturer and leader in the Hydro Forming, and Precision CNC Machining space. They are experts in sheet metal hydro forming. Hydro forming allows C.B. Kaupp & Sons to provide both prototype and production quantities. To maintain their impressive reputation and to continue servicing clients, they need employees with an extremely specific skill set. 


“Our biggest challenge is getting people but we can train new people and train them,” John Buchanan an Engineer for C.B. Kaupp & Sons stated. 

This New Jersey manufacturer is not alone. Manufacturers all over the country are facing the same workforce pressures as C.B. Kaupp & Sons. Finding new workers with the right skills to contribute to a manufacturing operation is proving to be extraordinarily challenging. Manufacturers are posting wanted advertisements but there are so few individuals with the qualifications that these ads continue to go unanswered. 


John Buchanan is now a mentor for the company’s apprentices. He stated, “It’s hard to find people these days, so this training is valuable.” 

C.B. Kaupp & Sons recognized that there’s a talent shortage and that there were too few people with the skills they need. To continue moving their business forward and bolster their workforce, they turned to the NJMEP Pro-Action Education Network™.

The Pro-Action Education Network™ is a state-wide workforce development program spearheaded by NJMEP. This program provides New Jersey manufacturers with a variety of solutions to bridge the skills gap.

Five United States Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship programs are part of the Pro-Action Education Network™. C.B. Kaupp & Sons enrolled two employees in the Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician (IMPT) Registered Apprenticeship program. Through this program, these apprentices are being upskilled so they can contribute more to their organizations and take on more responsibilities. 


 “[The NJMEP Apprenticeship Program] worked out well. I think they learned a lot. It’s certainly going to help us. The only way we’re going to grow is if our people grow. [The apprentices] are getting more confident and willing to take on more responsibility.” Buchanan explained.

Kalvin is one of C.B. Kaupp & Sons apprentices. When asked about his time in the Registered Apprenticeship, he said, “My overall impression is that the program is very helpful with a reminder of certain information to help reinforce it, and learning new things and especially learning things that would help toward supervising or managing. The communication portions are my favorite part.” 

David, another C.B. Kaupp & Sons apprentice agrees that the communication section of the apprenticeship program is essential. He mentioned that the safety curriculum is valuable for both seasoned manufacturers as a refresher and those new to the industry as well. 

C.B. Kaupp & Sons are cultivating their talent pipeline through the use of NJMEP’s IMPT Registered Apprenticeship program. C.B. Kaupp & Sons can rely on the two apprentices enrolled in the program to take on more responsibilities. They are contributing more to the organization as a whole. This fact allows C.B. Kaupp & Sons to look for more entry-level individuals that can then be trained, as the two current apprentices move up within the company.

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