Falstrom Company is a ‘MADE in New Jersey’ company that primarily serves large and second-tier US defense and aerospace manufacturers by producing custom, battle-proven, large enclosures precision machined parts and electronic assemblies for avionics to mission-critical shipboard systems and platforms. Falstrom was founded in 1870 by Gustav Falstrom, an immigrant from Sweden, as a supplier of fabricated metal products including skylights, metal roofing, cornices, leaders, and gutters. In its 152 years of business, Falstrom has become a leader in the US DoD supply chain building a reputation for its reliable electronic enclosures, electromechanical assemblies, precision parts and integrated systems.  Headquartered in Passaic, NJ, this local manufacturer has received many accolades and awards including being named NJMEP’s “Manufacturer of the Year”, Lockheed Martin’s “Small Business Subcontractor of the Year”, Northrop Grumman’s “Preferred Supplier”, Rockwell International’s “Subcontractor of the Year” and receiving a letter of appreciation from DRS. They proudly provide their customers and the warfighter with the highest reliability solutions for electronic enclosures and electromechanical assemblies for a range of systems that help complete missions safely.


Manufacturers nation-wide are experiencing a wide range of challenges that are impacting their ability to grow. Cyber Security Renewal SOC 2019 and 2020 and employee development and training, particularly with lean manufacturing principles and technical skills were top priorities for this specific New Jersey business. They’re federally mandated as a defense manufacturer to be compliant with the new CMMC regulations. Organizations are required to manage cyber security threats and apply effective processes and controls in place to respond and recover from breaches.

The biggest challenges smaller manufacturers like Falstrom face are having limited resources and a staff to address these needs to train talent and at the same time ensure they’re compliant with the latest rules and regulations like CMMC. As a smaller company, they needed support. They enlisted NJMEP’s experts to help them address workforce challenges, earn the necessary certifications and become compliant on SOC 2019 and 2020 by the deadline dates in order to maintain their defense contracts.

With a small staff and fewer resources, it’s incredibly challenging for Falstrom to be compliant with all the latest CMMC certifications required in the industry, keep their team trained, and their business continuously improving.


Falstrom reached out to their NJMEP Account Manager, Stacy Cooke for assistance on all their specific needs including certification and upskilling. They’ve had plenty of success with NJMEP’s services in the past, so they knew exactly how to get started enlisting the MEP’s help. Stacy, who has had decades of experience working with DoD manufacturers, discussed the current business environment, reviewed Falstrom’s operations and what their needs were, and worked to uncover ways they could address those specific needs.

A comprehensive solution was developed. Falstrom would work with NJMEP’s experts to become CMMC compliant, work with Lean trainers to create a customized curriculum. Thus, ensuring that Falstrom would be compliant with the latest DoD rules and requirements.

The following steps were taken:

  1. Cyber Security Renewal Managed SOC 2019 and 2020 – 24×7 Network Security Monitoring/Intrusion Detection, Annual Vulnerability Scan, Customized Threat Intelligence and SIEM
  2. Lean and Technical Skills Training – Training for Blueprint Reading, Metrology GD&T and Advanced, Shop Mathematics and Fixturing and Tooling
  3. Compliance Assistance – New NIST 800-171 Cybersecurity requirements including remediation

Each of the points above requires multiple individual steps to finish. CMMC isn’t an easy certification to achieve without the right support and partner. Lean is an easy concept to understand but takes buy-in and effective training to ensure it carries once the trainers and consultants are gone. However, with the right team, a manufacturer will be given every single tool they need in order to thrive.

“I think that the consultative way in which NJMEP works with clients like Falstrom Company really helps tailor the solution in a way that’s really unique for each company and really benefits the company,” Falstrom President & CEO, Clifford Lindholm explained.


Falstrom was able to successfully meet all the CMMC requirements, provide their team with all the knowledge needed to apply lean manufacturing principles, as well as receive the technical training to remain complaint with the new DoD rules. 

  • Retained Sales: $12,000,000
  • Increase Sales: $500,000
  • Cost Savings: $800,000
  • Jobs Created: 2
  • Employees Retained: 95

“We’re not getting just a cooker cutter approach off the shelf. There’s ways to customize it and help develop whatever the program is that we’re working with (NJ)MEP on to meet the specific needs of Falstrom Company. In a high cost state like New Jersey, to have those capabilities be supported by NJMEP and they can feed right into our unique set of capabilities and help us improve them. That’s the value add for NJMEP and that’s what really helps us.” said Lindholm.

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