Kinetics Industries Benefits from Their ISO 9001 Certification Journey


Kinetics Industries Inc. has been in operation since 1939. This Trenton, NJ-based manufacturer is a leader in producing highly reliable and durable SCR regulated and diode line-regulated power rectifiers, industrial DC power supplies, fuseless bolted fault rated magnet rectifiers, flux forcing magnet rectifiers, crane rectifiers, DC substations, synchronous motor field and generator excitation systems, and power conversion solutions.

Their staff of world-diverse, engineering and technical staff design and manufactures industrial, commercial, utility, and military application power conversion products to the highest domestic and international standards. Dry type transformers, enclosure and panel fabrication, digital and analog electronic circuitry, and power semi-conductor assemblies are among Kinetics Industries’ design and manufacturing capacities.

Kinetics Industries already delivers top quality products, but they were looking to expand their client base and require specific certifications to break into this new market.


Countless manufacturers across the country were impacted because of the COVID pandemic. Like many manufacturers impacted at the height of the pandemic, Kinetics Industries’ sales and work were affected due to the limitations enacted by the state and federal government. They were offered a substantial order from a client for work in Saudia Arabia during the pandemic when significant size orders were limited due to COVID restrictions, but the client required an ISO 9001: 2015-2021 certification.

Kinetics Industries needed help to be ISO 9001: 2015-2021 compliant and secure the contract. They were scrambling to find an ISO expert for help. Through a recommendation, they reached out to NJMEP for support.  Kinetics Industries’ workforce also needed additional training since ISO 9001 addresses certain aspects of quality management. They were running out of time to complete the contract and enlisted NJMEP’s expertise to help them receive ISO 9001:2015-2021 certification and upskill their staff to ensure continued compliance.

“Because we had already made a substantial engineering investment, we had to get this done. It just was a win-win all the way around. The project is immediately addressing the challenges with the workforce. Then you throw in ISO which is all about engagement and commitment, attention to detail, following rules,” Kinetics Industries Inc. President, Keith Secrest explained. “We knew nothing else about ISO 9001 so we needed a consultant and we needed to get ourselves organized. Bringing someone in that was very knowledgeable and was able to get us up to the point where we could secure the certification in a quick period of time because our customer was asking us for a cert right away was key.”


After speaking with NJMEP at the recommendation of the Mercer County Workforce Development Board, NJMEP created a plan to help Kinetics Industries achieve ISO certification. With their NJMEP account manager’s help, their knowledge of ISO 2001: 2015-2021, and all the resources NJMEP provides, Kinetics Industries was able to receive their ISO certification quickly.

Through their account manager’s suggestion, it was recommended the project be split into two phases: ISO virtual training to save travel time and as a result of the state’s guidelines during the pandemic and additional training to ensure they received certification in the time needed. This helped Kinetic Industries secure the required training to be certified.

“Having the resources and the expedited process, that was just huge. Here you are given a project and this black cloud of COVID is hanging over us. I don’t know how we would have really done it without the help of New Jersey MEP. It brought so many resources to bear in a very tumultuous time,” Secrest stated. “It made us look at our process. It empowered me as a manager because now I had a program and a process and a documentation of the structure that we could refer to. It was a good force in the long run, even if we don’t need it for customers. We need it for ourselves.”

The following steps were taken:

Phase I – Virtual Training-ISO 9001: 2015:

  • Module 1: Awareness Session/Overview(4 Hrs)
  • Module 2: Gap Analysis (4 Hrs)
  • Module 3: Identification of key business processes aligned with the business model of the company (4 hrs)
  • Module 4: Quality Policy/Quality Objectives(4 hrs)
  • Module 5: Risk Analysis/Assessments (4 hrs)

Phase II – Additional ISO Training 36 Hours

  • Management Overview 6.0 Hours
  • Documentation Review and Development 8.0 Hours
  • Risks and Opportunities 6.0 Hours
  • Internal Auditor Training and Audit Mentoring 10.0 Hours
  • Assessment Preparation 6.0 Hours

Each of these phases above requires multiple individual steps and documentation to complete. The ISO 9001: 2015-2021 training and certification process can be long and complex without a fully knowledgeable partner. Working with an experienced team of ISO specialists to identify their needs for improvement allowed Kinetic Industries to be certified, receive CARES funding, and secure the massive contract with their client.

Secrest explained, “Half the problem is really identifying the problem. Is the problem just a micro or is it macro? I think that’s what New Jersey MEP really helps out more to find out you’re not alone!”


Kinetics Industries secured their contract with the client after completing ISO 9001:2015-2021 training and receiving certification from the certifying body and accreditation firm, SAI Global. NJMEP offered and executed an expedited action plan, combined with financial assistance via a grant worked successfully for both Kinetics and their customer. The results below reflect the impact Kinetics Industries experienced while engaging with NJMEP:

  • Retained Sales: $100,000
  • New Sales: $20,000
  • New Jobs: 2
  • Retained Jobs: 2
  • New Investment in Workforce: $10,000

“ISO helped because it enabled us to keep people focused on a project and a thing that was really on a workplace floor. It tremendously helped our quality! It made everything very visible,” Secrest said. “Yes (I’d recommend NJMEP to other manufacturers) because you’re not reinventing the wheel. This is something you guys do day in and day out. You have the resources to be able to go and get it done. You go through New Jersey MEP, they looked at resources that are out there through grants or funding. That’s part of their mission.”

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