Lobster Life Improves Operations and Adds Value with Lean Process Improvement


Lobster Life Systems is a top-of-the-line design, production, and maintenance provider of marine salt, filters, activated carbon, lobster tanks, fish tanks, shellfish tanks, and other marine life systems. The company was founded in 1989 and is located in Lodi, New Jersey. Many of the major supermarket chains, restaurants, independent grocers, gourmet shops, wholesales, and marine exhibitors throughout North America use Lobster Lie Systems quality products and services. 


The biggest challenge facing Lobster Life Systems was their employees were “stuck in the routine”. One essential employee in a leadership position has been with the company for over 10 years. An additional challenge was space. Lobster Life’s facility is large but there are pillars and other obstacles that make it difficult to set up a seamless production line. Leadership identified both these challenges as the two biggest struggles. Addressing both challenges with one comprehensive program had the potential to offer the business incredible benefits. 

Lobster Life Systems and their Account Manager worked to identify the ideal solution that would rectify both challenges. 


Lean process improvement was the program identified to solve both of Lobster Life Systems challenges. NJMEP, the Lean resource, and Lobster Life Systems leadership worked together to improve the process of manufacturing their line of salt-based products. 

Immediately the value was clear to the client. Within a week there was a “night and day” difference.   NJMEP’s lean resource observed the original production process. The entire process was re-designed step by step. Two employees that work on this specific process were included in the process redesign from the beginning. After seeing how much the process was improved for themselves, it was impossible to deny the effectiveness of the new production strategy.


Lobster Life Systems realized critical improvements from taking part in this Lean process improvement program. Four benefits included: 

  • Physical strain alleviated on workers
  • Reduce production cycle production time by 40-50% 
  • Created a more efficient use of facility space
  • Now able to expedite orders for customers for a fee

“The NJMEP resource was a huge help and we highly recommend the lean process improvement service to any manufacturer looking to make their process more efficient.” Cody Schmeer, Director of Operations, Lobster Life Systems.

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