MAINGEAR Improves Operations to Sustain Accelerated Growth with Help from NJMEP’s Operational Management Resources


MAINGEAR was founded in 2002 by Wallace Santos who wanted to turn his passion for building high-performance PCs into a business. Located in Kenilworth, New Jersey, the manufacturer is a leader in this highly competitive space and this success is credited to the exceptional quality of the product and their customer service.

This ‘MADE in New Jersey’ manufacturing business cultivated a reputation for building some of the world’s most powerful, fastest, best-crafted gaming PCs. Providing an incredible pre-sales experience with knowledgeable employees as well as the care and detail that goes into assembling their products is a driving force behind their fantastic reputation. Obsessed with quality, the company controls every aspect of the assembly process from the components, to the look and feel, so every customer receives exactly what they purchased.


Businesses experiencing rapid growth must manage the challenges that come along with accelerated expansion. MAINGEAR produces some of the best gaming PCs available on the market. This attention to quality and a holistic approach to the sales cycle thrust them into the spotlight. As the business grew, leadership identified a need to ensure their operational processes were given the same amount of care and attention as the products they sold.

“As a growing company that’s manufacturing hard to manufacture goods that are hand built, we wanted to reach out to [NJMEP] for help with optimizing our workflow,” said Ron Reed, Managing Director.


MAINGEAR’s leadership understood they needed a partner that could help them fundamentally improve their operation from the inside. They reached out to NJMEP to explore what services and training would be available to overcome the identified challenge.

After connecting with the Account Manager, a complimentary assessment was conducted. It gathered, reviewed, and analyzed the company from the ground up to understand its current situation. The next step was to gain a deeper understanding of the company goals, current business strategies, uncover growth options, and future financial needs. It is critical that NJMEP thoroughly understands the clients’ needs in order to make actionable recommendations from the information-gathering stage. MAINGEAR’s Account Manager worked together with NJMEP’s team of expert resources to review exactly what the company will need to reach its goals and uncover the best possible path toward success. The discovery process allowed NJMEP to provide recommendations focused on providing optimal financing and financial management strategies.

Training and hands-on guidance were provided to key MAINGEAR stakeholders. NJMEP’s resource worked with the organization to take a detailed dive into every step of their processes, from start to finish, and found ways to improve and allow for additional growth without sacrificing quality. The project took place over 10 months, between February of 2020 to December of 2020, where training and consultative support was provided by one of NJMEP’s Operations and Management resources. Acting as an Outsourced CFO, the resource trained the organization to manage their growth so MAINGEAR can continue to expand without interruption.


“We saw a huge increase in overall productivity. It has been key for us to be able to sustain our growth,” Managing Director, Rod Reed explained. He continued, “Because it was such a detailed process, and we’re a very data-driven company, [the project] was easy to implement and then evaluate the effects on our production. It was very clear the effort made a difference.”

The MAINGEAR organization took the NJMEP engagement process seriously and it paid off massively. By committing to the strategies shared and learning from the data uncovered, their business achieved impressive results. Not only did their business improve, but the project was received well by the entire organization and it has led to a dedicated transformative local manufacturing business.

MAINGEAR contributed the following as a result to engaging with NJMEP:

  • Increased sales: 5,000,000
  • Employee Creation: 10
  • Retained sales: 5,000,000
  • Employees Retained: 10
  • Cost Savings: 150,000
  • Savings Invested: 1,500,000

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