SPEX CertiPrep is a manufacturer of Certified Reference Materials and Calibration Standards for the analytical Spectroscopy and Chromatography communities. SPEX CertiPrep is located in Metuchen, New Jersey, and has been producing their products in the state for over 65 years.


SPEX CertiPrep identified that they needed to grow and were having a tough time implementing a growth plan.  Leadership wanted to identify ways to improve their process flows and realized it required an outside perspective with a fresh set of eyes. Their processes were not broken, but they wanted to continue pushing the business forward.

Finding where non-value-add steps were taking place throughout the manufacturing process was challenging. Discovering true inefficiencies requires an in-depth analysis of a manufacturer’s process flow. SPEX CertiPrep wanted to make the best use out of their facility but again, they were looking for an outside expert to share an impartial third-person perspective.

SPEX CertiPrep was concerned about future capacity constraints and wanted assistance to seamlessly incorporate additional equipment into their manufacturing process. They wanted to eliminate waste and needed help streamlining the process to get products through the queues quicker. All these steps forward were focused on ensuring the company would be able to meet future demand and customer expectations.


NJMEP worked closely with SPEX CertiPrep and listened to their concerns and current needs. From those conversations, the challenges above were identified. After having a clear understanding of how the company wanted to improve, it was time to develop a solution.

Lean Manufacturing Training, Sales Skills Development, and Cellular Flow Training were chosen as the best options to address SPEX CertiPrep’s challenges. Through hands-on training and constant support from NJMEP’s Account Manager and resources, SPEX CertiPrep began improving their processes.

NJMEP carefully chose resources that aligned best with SPEX CertiPrep’s needs. The resources visited the facility, worked with leadership, and the individuals on the shop floor to create a seamless production process that eliminated waste. This will also allow them to scale up their production to meet future demand. NJMEP was able to give SPEX CertiPrep a deeper understanding of their current production process and where automation can play a role.


SPEX CertiPrep was able to benefit in the following ways from engaging with NJMEP.

  • Increased and retained sales
  • Employee Retention and job creation

“There are a lot of manufacturers in the same boat as us, starting out small and doing the same thing for the last 20 years. We didn’t know where to start. We knew we had to make a change to stay ahead of our competitors and we benefitted from the services NJMEP provides. I love dealing with all NJMEP resources. It’s been a great time.” Matt Snyder, VP of Operations, SPEX CertiPrep.

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