Word Center Printing Regains Lost Ground with Digital Marketing Training


Word Center Printing, established in 1983, began as a copy shop and quickly grew into a full-service commercial printing company located in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. Company leadership is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. Investing in the future has been fundamental in Word Center Printing’s continued success and is a cornerstone of its business strategy. Word Center Printing provides full printing, graphic design, and copying services. The Word Center Printing team is committed to providing the highest quality product and the most value possible to all its customers.

“In printing, you have to adapt and pivot constantly” explained Marilyn Silverman, Owner, Word Center Printing.


COVID-19 had an impact on nearly every person and business around the world. Word Center Printing was not immune to the disruptions brought on by the pandemic. Even though NJMEP helped ensure all manufacturing would be considered essential and remain open, without a steady stream of business manufacturers couldn’t maintain cash flow. Word Center Printing’s largest customer closed once stay-at-home orders were enacted. This had a monumental impact on the manufacturer’s bottom line.

“I thought to myself, we’re going to have to get more business doing other things or we’re going to die here. So, I looked at Social Media marketing, but it was a mystery,” said Marilyn Silverman, Owner, Word Center Printing.

Through close collaboration with Word Center Printing’s NJMEP Account Manager, the need for marketing upskilling was identified soon after the first engagement with the manufacturer. To help offset the impact of losing their biggest customer for over 2 months due to the pandemic, a solution was identified by exploring service options with NJMEP.


The CARES ACT included funds that would be provided to MEP centers like NJMEP to create opportunities that will help manufacturers weather this uncertain business landscape. One of the programs that were developed is ‘Digital Marketing for Manufacturers in 2020’. This program is comprised of five, 4-hour training sessions on a variety of marketing topics. A live instructor guides the manufacturer through five sessions that include ‘Your Website and Search Engine Optimization, Content Management Systems’, ‘Automated Marketing (Hubspot, Salesforce, Act-On)’, ‘Brand Strategy’, ‘Social Media’, ‘Other Media – Podcasts, Blogging, Apps and Video’.

‘Digital Marketing for Manufacturer in 2020’ was the ideal solution to address the needs of Word Center Printing. It would provide the upskilling opportunity to Marilyn so she can implement her new skills to drive more business.

Marilyn worked with NJMEP and its marketing resource for a total of 20 hours. Every module in the ‘Digital Marketing for Manufacturers in 2020’ curriculum is specifically designed to be easily absorbed and implemented by the manufacturer. Marilyn had direct access to a digital marketing expert so she can ask questions and use real-world examples to ensure the training would be utilized and drive results.


NJMEP was able to provide the following value to Word Center Printing throughout 2020:

  • Increased Sales: COVID-19 caused sales to drop 30% year over year, but a reinvigorated marketing effort is helping drive new business.
  • Retained Sales: $45,000
  • Employees Retained: 4

“Once COVID-19 hit, I immediately heard from NJMEP that we were allowed to remain open. That was a lifesaver for us.” Marilyn Silverman, Owner, Word Center Printing stated.

Marilyn continued, “We did an extensive upgrade of our website and NJMEP’s resource taught me and the staff how to boost posts on Facebook. He also taught me the value of having relevant Google Reviews and how to put more emphasis on the services that we wanted to sell.”

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